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All Aboard for Onboarding: How One Large Transportation Agency Elevates ServiceNow Training With Thirdera

 As one of North America's largest transportation networks, this transit authority is responsible for serving over 11 million passengers on a typical weekday. To increase efficiencies, the agency moved to centralize its IT business management processes through ServiceNow several years ago. 



After guiding the organization through a successful ServiceNow implementation, Thirdera won a five-year project and delivery support contract. Although some of the organization’s employees were already beginning to use some of ServiceNow's features—including Incident, Request, Knowledge, and Change—and perform some system configuration, they needed more in-depth training to get the most out of ServiceNow. Specifically, the organization was looking for a partner that could provide flexible and efficient training for its large workforce.

The transportation agency now relies on Thirdera’s custom training capabilities to provide ongoing ServiceNow onboarding and training for newly hired team members. With Thirdera’s customized, role-based training curriculum and courseware, the organization has been able to maximize its investment in ServiceNow and empower its staff with the support they need to use the platform effectively.


Company Profile

Size: 75,000 employees      |     Industry: Transportation   |     Location: United States


Key Challenges

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Immediately following the ServiceNow implementation, the organization needed to train over 100 staff members on the new platform in just two months. These employees had different job functions, skills, experience, and levels of technical comfort, requiring a variety of training types and methods.

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Employees had started using some of ServiceNow’s features but were not tapping into the platform’s full capabilities because of a lack of education.

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ServiceNow upgrades and enhancements were occurring during the training window and had to be addressed in real time to keep employees up to date.

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Employees needed customized training, curriculum, and coursework to address their specific roles and ServiceNow use cases.

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Staff required individualized support with a full-time trainer and “office hours” where employees could get answers to their questions.

As a large organization, employees held a range of positions and came to onboarding with different levels of expertise, technical knowledge, and skills. The agency needed a partner that could meet its diverse training needs and deliver personalized support to make ServiceNow training effective and engaging.

ServiceNow continually updates and enhances its platform to deliver maximum value—a major benefit to its customers. However, this also means that training needs to be regularly updated to keep employees informed and reflect the changes to ServiceNow. To keep pace with these updates, it was important that the organization’s training partner had ServiceNow experts who could keep up with any enhancements.

Thirdera ended up winning a five-year contract with the company because of our ability to provide superior onboarding, training, and delivery assistance. After supporting the organization through the technical implementation of ServiceNow, choosing Thirdera as its training partner was a natural choice for the organization as we had demonstrated we had the ServiceNow knowledge and experience needed to help them unlock the full potential of their investment.


Our Solution

Thirdera developed customized training curriculum and courses based on the organization's needs. Each employee started with ServiceNow 101 to understand the basics of the system and then moved through a specific curriculum path centered around their role. 

The role-based curriculum provided tailored training based on the employee’s role or job function, such as supervisor, ITIL, or project manager. The comprehensive curriculum trained employees in the critical areas of ServiceNow, including ITSM, ITBM, and ITOM. The training was delivered to the staff virtually along with leave-behind deliverables.

Beyond the customized training, Thirdera provided individualized support to help employees gain an even deeper understanding of the course material. Thirdera offered the staff “office hours” where they could ask questions and get clearer insights during one-on-one conversations with our in-house ServiceNow experts. Thirdera even added a full-time trainer to its contract team to ensure that the organization received individualized and extensive support.

The Result

Elevated ROI
By ensuring employees can confidently and efficiently leverage the ServiceNow platform, Thirdera has enabled the transportation authority to maximize the value of and return on its ServiceNow investment.

Improved Consistency

Onboarding and training are not a one-time event. With Thirdera as its established ServiceNow training partner, the organization can deliver consistent, quality training to all new hires—even as ServiceNow launches platform upgrades or the organization’s training requirements change.

Increased Efficiency
Thirdera’s training is thorough but efficient to ensure that employees are up and running as quickly as possible. Following the initial ServiceNow implementation, for example, over 100 employees were fully trained and ready to use the platform in less than eight weeks.

Enhanced Employee Experience
ServiceNow training and onboarding is no longer a tedious or confusing endeavor. With a customized curriculum, individualized support, and virtual office hours, employees are empowered with the tools they need to use the platform efficiently, confidently, and with ease.

Thirdera’s curriculum and guidance enabled the transportation authority to quickly scale its training to help over 100 employees become fluent on and adopt the ServiceNow platform. With customized lessons based on company role, each employee learned how the software could be used based on the employee’s role in the organization. Thirdera saved the company critical time and resources in onboarding and training while improving its workforce's learning process and productivity.

Thirdera added a full-time trainer to its contract team dedicated to answering questions, updating the curriculum as needed, and ensuring that employees receive a world-class learning experience. Training flexibility ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and updated—even as ServiceNow is enhanced and updated.

Because of Thirdera’s unique approach and commitment to excellence, we have been supporting the organization’s training requirements for almost five years. With our dedicated ServiceNow practice, reputation for quality, and ability to build strong relationships across all levels of the organization, the transportation agency has found its go-to ServiceNow training partner in Thirdera.


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