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Are You OK? | The Power of Meaningful Conversations for Mental Health

In this fast-paced world, the importance of mental health can often be underprioritized. We can find ourselves cutting corners and neglecting aspects of our daily routines that contribute to overall well-being. Recent times, however, have forced recognition of mental health as crucial for holistic well-being. Mental health is intertwined with all dimensions of health. It is a key part of the foundation for people to thrive in life. Recognizing and nurturing mental health is no longer optional, it is a necessity. 

Globally, September is a month associated with raising public awareness about suicide prevention. September 10th is co-sponsored by the World Health Organization as International Suicide Prevention Day, while on September 14th Australia celebrates R U Ok day. This is an annual event dedicated to encouraging open conversations about mental health and emotional well-being. R U Ok? Is an Australian-based organization, focused on suicide prevention by empowering individuals to have meaningful conversations with each other. This year’s theme "I'm Here to Hear" highlights how active listening is key to engaging in an authentic conversation. This year, I urge everyone to practice the art of listening. When we are present, we can contribute to the collective well-being of our community, making every day an opportunity to ask, listen, and be there for one another. Remember, a simple question and a sincere ear can make all the difference in someone's life. By reaching out and simply asking R U OK, we are showing compassion and connection, ensuring that no one struggles alone. 

This year, Thirdera will take R U OK Day global by hosting conversational webinars in various time zones to accommodate all staff. Appropriately qualified guest speakers will join us to discuss this year's theme. We will explore useful techniques to manage challenging conversations about psychological well-being. The goal is to equip everyone with the skills to reach out to those around us who may be struggling, regardless of our role. Through guided discussion, we aim to foster an understanding of how to compassionately address mental health and provide support to one another.   

At Thirdera, we value the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. Our well-being program, Be Well, focuses on 4 pillars of health, that together form the foundation of holistic wellness: physical, social, ergonomic, and psychological health. As part of Be Well, Thirdera provides tools and resources for Eranauts to proactively manage their mental health, including webinars, videos, and resources. We also support mental health beyond the workplace through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks), which offers free confidential counseling services and resources to employees and their families.

We firmly believe that providing proper support to our teammates must be practical and accessible for all. As such, we have established a network of accredited Mental Health First Aid Officers in each region globally. These passionate advocates for wellbeing are empowered to provide appropriate support to anyone facing mental health challenges. Our goal is to cultivate a workplace where understanding and empathy flourish, making it a safe space to seek help without fear of judgment. 

Together, we can make a lasting impact on each other's lives, transforming our workplace into an environment of support, authenticity, and compassion. Remember, mental health is not a solitary journey – it's a collective movement towards understanding and resilience. Let us stand united, embracing vulnerability, and empower each other to thrive in every aspect of our lives. As part of our commitment to prioritizing mental health, Thirdera made a donation to R U OK, further supporting their mission of encouraging people to connect with others and help them access the resources they need to cope with difficulties in their lives. 


Prioritize mental health and wellbeing

For more information on how you can support someone who’s struggling, these resources might be of interest to you:


Casilda Alonso

Casilda is one of our People & Culture Partners, based in Spain. Merging financial background with her passion for HR and helping teams grow and develop. As a personal advocate for mental health, she's committed to fostering well-being in the workplace.