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Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with Thirdera

August 26 is Women's Equality Day in the United States. It commemorates the date in 1920 when congress approved the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women full and equal voting rights. This milestone event has produced a ripple effect around the globe, inspiring women of all nationalities to continue to fight for fair and equal rights across a broad spectrum of topics.

In the 102 years since the 19th Amendment was ratified, headway has been made with reproductive rights, equal pay, workplace rights, education rights, gender equity, racial equity, and female representation in leadership – areas once considered untouchable and undebatable. Our ongoing accomplishments reflect the inter-generational bond between women and demonstrate that the legacy of our predecessors has been embodied by the equally strong, talented, and resilient women of the present day.

The fight for gender equality began over a century ago – and it will continue until complete, universal equality is obtained. Fortunately, accomplishing that seems more within reach these days, as advocates of differing gender, ethnicity, and nationality have been using their collective voices and resources to accelerate the push for equal rights.


Why we celebrate women’s equality at Thirdera

At Thirdera we are committed to cultivating an environment where all Eranauts feel welcome and valued. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are the gears that make our engine run.

We celebrate women not only on special occasions but throughout the year, working and creating experiences where all employees feel empowered with opportunities to develop and grow. Through the Women at Thirdera Group, Working Moms Group, and Women to Women Mentoring activities, among many other initiatives, the community of great women and allies is shining to inspire all our workforce across the organization.

The reach of our Women at Thirdera group extends beyond the internal interactions to cover the whole ServiceNow ecosystem. Check out our LinkedIn Women in Tech group and become an active member of the community by connecting with like-minded peers to inspire and empower women in your life and in your network.


Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with us!

Join us on August 25th for an educational webinar to celebrate Women’s Equality Day.

During this fun and interactive event brought to you by Women at Thirdera, we will discuss how organizations can promote and enable women's equality. You will learn what you can do to become a women's rights advocate and ally and have an opportunity to participate in our educational trivia about the women's rights journey.

Plus, get a chance to win a donation that will be made to the women's rights organization of your choice.


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This event is brought to you by  Asset 2

Women at Thirdera (W@T) is a group that was created to build an environment to connect, inspire, and empower the Women of Thirdera and beyond. 



Silvia Bonilla

Silvia Bonilla is Talent Development Manager at Thirdera with over +15 years of experience in learning and development within the Human Resources area. She is an active member of the Women at Thirdera Program – one of the diverse groups that help to increase awareness of women’s empowerment across the globe. Besides leading mentoring and supporting the implementation of development programs, Silvia is committed to building a culture environment where all employees can be themselves and bring the best of their potential.