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Reinventing the Public Sector Experience with ServiceNow

In an age where the digital revolution is reshaping everything from retail to transportation, the public sector has been called upon to keep up with the times. With the increasing need for digitization and improvement in customer experience in the public sector - a whopping 70% of public agencies worldwide, according to a report by McKinsey - it's clear that transformation is not only imminent but also essential. Enter CitizenKey, a remarkable new offering from the world's largest ServiceNow pure play partner, Thirdera.

CitizenKey promises to revolutionize the public sector experience for everyone from small councils to large governments. This ServiceNow-certified product carries with it the power to digitally transform and streamline the constituent experience. How, you might ask? By combining an array of innovative features that form the backbone of this modern offering.


Modern Portal - Redefining Digital Interaction

At the forefront of CitizenKey's unique offering is the Modern Portal - a design crafted by Thirdera’s internal Digital Team, brimming with intuitive navigation, powerful features, and an aesthetically pleasing interface. This Modern Portal serves as the platform where constituents meet digital services, creating a seamless blend of engagement that elevates the entire user experience.



Multi-Channel Engagement

With the advent of CitizenKey, public agencies can now ensure constant contact with constituents through multi-channel engagement. Whether it's via the Modern Portal, Digital Voice, or SMS support, CitizenKey provides multiple avenues for effective communication and interaction. This incredible feature is possible thanks to a fruitful technology partnership with 3CLogic, a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions.


Persona-Based Access and Services

CitizenKey also champions the cause of personalized experiences with its persona-based access and services. This enables tailored experiences for each user, improving the ease of access to public services. And with a robust public sector data and security model, user data safety is ensured at all times.


Advanced Functionalities

The CitizenKey offering further impresses with its capacity for large attachment ingestion. Moreover, its multi-step catalog forms simplify complex processes, enabling users to experience smooth, frictionless interactions with their local councils or governments.


Modernize the Service Experience

As the largest ServiceNow pure play partner in the world, Thirdera has brought to the table an offering that echoes its immense scale and experience. CitizenKey is not just another digital solution; it's a robust, comprehensive platform that empowers public agencies - like the Indiana Department of Transportation - to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and ease.

In conclusion, Thirdera's CitizenKey is a testament to the power of intelligent, thoughtful design, and technical brilliance. It is a crucial tool that will enable public agencies worldwide to catch up with the digital revolution, improving their services, and providing a more engaging and efficient experience to their constituents. With CitizenKey, the future of public sector interaction is here, and it's more powerful than ever.

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Prabz Saimbhi

Prabz is the Director of Strategy & Innovation at Thirdera. A thought leader with over 15 years’ experience as a customer, employee at ServiceNow and now partner. Driven by the expectation of innovation and pragmatic with the way to make innovation a strategic part of a customer’s investment.