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Energy Multinational Improves Productivity by Automating IT Requests

Many companies today have portals or platforms through which end users can register their IT incidents or requests. However, not all organizations take advantage of this solution in the most efficient way. The lack of information or the failure to meet the needs of end users make these tools candidates for disuse (as other non-automated channels are used instead) which means that the investments fall short of forecasted and desired returns. 

When this energy company first implemented the ServiceNow platform to manage IT incidents and requests, there was no consideration for the ~5,000 end users.

It became apparent that it was necessary to terminate other redundant, time-consuming channels such as phone calls and emails that collected more than 60% of incident tickets and requests. Furthermore, only 28% of tickets were managed through self-service on the portal, and, in most cases, requests were registered under the general request label, so there was no clear differentiation. This resulted in a significant delay in classification and resolution times.

With this premise, we began to work to achieve the objective that this channel would become the reference channel and reduce the abandonment rate. How? By restructuring and taking into account the needs of end users, SilverStorm helped this organization reconfigure and automate workflows to yield a higher platform ROI. 


Company Profile

Size: 25,000 employees   |   Industry: Energy & Utilities   |   Location: Spain


Key Challenges

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Confusing access to sections 

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Overly technical terminology and use of a non-standardized language

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Complications in approvals and in monitoring and communication

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Lack of awareness of the existence of a Knowledge Base (access to this tool only reached 4%)

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Unintuitive and complex navigation


Our Solution

A series of improvements were implemented that focused on the usability of the platform. Among these were:

  • Elimination of inconsistencies and unification of the most used processes
  • Modification and adaptation of the language in the requests
  • Reclassification of the types of requests
  • Review and unification of the Knowledge Base format

We also carried out an integration with the organization's help desk through Teams in which a chatbot redirected to the ServiceNow portal to record incidents and requests. This new form of access represented a further step for the platform to become the single, automated way to manage the IT service.

Not only were the modifications made for end users, but certain technical specifications were also perfected, such as improving the traceability of requests and incidents thanks to the use of a single portal.

The Result


Elimination of manual procedures such as phone calls or emails

User Experience

Unification of the knowledge base formats

Digital Experience

Improved self-service


Increased Efficiency

Improvement in the classification of requests registered by end users


Thirdera's ITSM team was able to help this organization save time by automating the assignment of incidents and requests to the appropriate resolution teams without going through the first level of support (User Support Center). In addition, the use of the portal significantly increased.  As a result, the investment and the initial objectives of this energy company were fulfilled, and the expected benefits were obtained.


About Thirdera

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Sara Fariña

Sara Fariña is an ITIL and ServiceNow Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management. She brings over 10 years of experience in consulting and implementing the ITSM process in large companies of different industries but with a common purpose: the management of their IT Services and siding the IT department with the business.
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