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Improve Your Customers’ Satisfaction by 25% with ServiceNow

By 2024, organizations providing a total experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX), according to estimates by Gartner. Indeed, this research consultancy expects 60% of large firms to use a total experience strategy to transform their business models.

Service management has therefore become key for companies wishing to provide excellent customer support. Two approaches that have gained popularity in this sphere are Customer Service Management and Field Service Management.


Proactivity with customers 

One of the main advantages of using Customer Service Management in combination with an ITSM/ITOM backend is the ability to be proactive in customer service. This combination allows: 

  • Early identification of affected services
  • Proactive communication with customers, even before end users notice an issue
  • Constant supervision of services, making it possible to detect malfunctions and to remedy them quickly, thereby preventing any major disruptions that might affect customer experience 

Moreover, Customer Service Management in B2B allows a platform to be set up in such a way that a trusted partner may have access to certain customers. This enables a collaborative relationship to be established in which partners can engage, and in some cases even assume direct customer responsibilities. This ability to delegate particular tasks streamlines the troubleshooting process and strengthens the customer relationship. 


Self-service for efficient management 

In the sphere of Field Service Management, an outstanding feature is self-service, for example in appointment management. This functionality allows customers to schedule their own appointments according to their availability. Via a mobile app, they can select the most suitable time, which increases their satisfaction as they are given control over the process. 

Once an appointment has been scheduled, agents receive a notification on their mobile via the app. This allows them to accept the case and to view the most efficient roadmap for care. The combination of Field Service Management with mobile technology gives agents a clear view of their pending tasks and helps them optimize their time and mobility.


It is no longer enough to offer a good service  

Organizations must stand out from the crowd and in order to do this they need to find better ways of addressing customer requirements and offering added value. They need a business experience model that goes beyond the traditional customer contact points and impacts product innovation, employee experience, and even the company’s purpose and values. And most importantly, they need to redefine customer interaction in a way that prioritizes positive experiences. 

The problem is that while 80% of call center agents say that having up-to-date customer service software is vital to their engagement, only 35% have access to such software. On this point it is key for them to be able to manage and view case activity, prioritizing tickets and working together. Lacking the necessary tools for working optimally results in 59% of customers leaving after a few poor experiences.  


Retaining talent 

Just as important as retaining customers is retaining employees. More satisfied employees are more productive and also make customers happier. Discontent among workers, on the other hand, is reflected in customer experience. 

For this reason, automation is essential. Why? As recurrent queries and manual tasks are automated, employees will have more time to focus on more strategic requests -  i.e. they will be able to resolve issues before the customer knows anything is wrong, identifying assets to prioritize, establishing an innovative service offering, and more.


Exceeding expectations and building customer loyalty

It is time to unlock your customers’ potential. Thirdera's experts will help you develop new methods for relating to and interacting with your customers, promoting self-service and creating new features with automation and proactive support management. Thus, you will manage to:

  • Enhance service functionality
  • Boost agent productivity
  • Build customer engagement 
  • Do away with manual tasks, automating frequent requests and eliminating isolated processes 

We have a wide range of CSM services designed to help you optimize your ServiceNow platform. Get closer to your customers, educate them and evolve as you grow. Whatever your aims, we can help you. 

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