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Inspire Inclusion: Embracing Diversity to Empower Women In IT

The IT ecosystem is an ever-evolving and dynamic environment, and with this constant change, the need arises to create inclusive workspaces that adapt to the needs of an increasingly more diverse workforce. According to Forbes, only 26.2% of the IT workforce is female. This signifies how much is yet to be done to encourage female representation within tech roles. 

For Thirdera, a Cognizant company, inclusion is not just a concept; it is lived and woven into the fabric of our culture. In 2021 we established Women at Thirdera, our affinity group for women focused on providing them with the tools they need to thrive in their professional and personal lives, and since then the group has worked to promote the holistic development of women in the IT sector, while fostering an inclusive and open work environment through our two chapters in Americas/EMEA and APAC. In the spirit of "Inspire Inclusion", the global theme for International Women's Day 2024, leaders and participants of the group have shared some perspectives on how we can be more inclusive not just to women, but all around. 


Diana McDiarmid, APAC Chapter participant  

Diana believes that to inspire inclusion we must first recognize that we are wildly diverse, and acknowledge we all have a different story, different abilities, different backgrounds, and a different life path. It is important to recognize that not everyone has the same confidence or ability to speak up during the meeting, and some people prefer time to review the content, sit, and think about their questions before they ask them. We all have different ways of preferred communication, and acknowledging this will help your meetings to be able to cater to all people’s needs. 


Sheetal Ramkrishnani, APAC Chapter co-leader  

Sheetal feels that it is important to foster a safe space for people to voice their opinions to inspire inclusion. As an inclusive team, we must strive to “leave no one behind” by working behind the scenes to help empower those quieter voices, helping them step into the spotlight and share their perspectives and thoughts. 


Edrienne Manalastas, Americas/EMEA Chapter co-leader 

Edrienne has felt her potential empowered and encouraged through mentoring experiences that have allowed her to thrive alongside her team members regardless of gender. She feels that these opportunities to build connections and networking strengthen a sense of community, which also offers a platform to bring to light and discuss gender-specific challenges.  


Judith Celzo, APAC Chapter co-leader

Through her experience as the mother of an autistic child, Judith offers a different perspective. In her personal life, she has learned to acknowledge that despite having different needs, there is common ground to be found as we can all enjoy the same things and activities even if we come from different backgrounds. With her children, she always makes sure to check with all of them which activities they like before making plans as a family 

The same can be applied to the workplace, connecting with coworkers on a personal level and understanding what activities and things they enjoy. This will allow your team members to feel they are being considered and appreciated for who they are as individuals. Activities like the Thirdera book club are the perfect example of this, bringing together people from different backgrounds who share similar hobbies and interests, in a space where they can encourage each other to grow intellectually and challenge each other to explore things out of their comfort zone. 


Navya S, APAC Chapter co-leader

Navya believes inclusion involves establishing an environment where individuals from various backgrounds have the opportunity to share their knowledge and unite in collaborative efforts; noting that an inclusive atmosphere not only enhances productivity but also makes the workplace a place where everyone feels valued and respected. When people with diverse experiences and viewpoints come together, they offer unique insights that enhance problem-solving and bring in a sense of belonging. 


Rosario Meneses,  Americas/EMEA Chapter co-leader

These open spaces allow people to feel confident to share experiences, hardships, and achievements. In the opinion of Rosario, this provides opportunities for people to be exposed to new career path options that are more aligned with their strengths and passions and learn from the work experiences of women who have grown their careers in the IT space.  


Through it all, in the current IT landscape, it is very important to keep creating awareness and taking note of the ways we can all contribute to inspire inclusion. You don’t have to be in a leadership role to do your part to create an open workspace where everyone is offered the same opportunities to thrive. By being aware of our behaviors and making sure we are appreciating and embracing the diversity in our teams, we can continue paving the road to bridge the gender gap in IT for future generations to come. 


Women at Thirdera

Through webinars, panels, and other resources, Women at Thirdera, our affinity group for women, works to empower all women across the organization in topics like leadership, well-being, and personal branding.​ This blog has contributions from Judith Celzo, Sheetal Ramkrishnani, Navya S, and Diana McDiarmid leaders and participants from the APAC Women at Thirdera Chapter, alongside Edrienne Manalastas and Rosario Meneses, leaders of the Americas/EMEA Women at Thirdera Chapter.
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