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Israeli Service Provider Transforms Customer and Business Experience

Customer service has become an essential corporate objective in today’s market conditions. Services must have the greatest efficiency and the highest possible quality if they are to retain customers and be a key part of a company’s development. One such company is an Israel-based B2B software solutions provider in which Thirdera has managed to turn customer service into the spearhead of the business through its Customer Experience.

According to a report by Virtusa, 66% of consumers switch brands due to poor customer service experiences. This finding truly reflects the importance of this side of a business and should be a wake-up call to sectors. It was for this Israeli firm, which has more than 25,000 customers in over 150 countries. 


Company Profile

Size: 6000 employees   |   Industry: Business Services  |   Location: Israel


Key Challenges

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Obsolete and hard-to-use CRM

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Processes not unified across different countries

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Complications in approvals and in monitoring and communication

The project managers said the number of incident tickets was outpacing their capacity to resolve them. Every month, 1,000 support tickets needing individualized attention were created. This workload and the impossibility of attaining the quality standards established within this service provider led them to opt for a digital transformation process focused on:

  • Renewing its internal ticket management portal
  • Upgrading its ability to encourage use of its self-service portal
  • Making better use of automation and its knowledge base


Our Solution

In these circumstances, it was necessary to have a solution giving consistency and visibility to each business process with an impact on customer service. The project leaders knew that with the ServiceNow platform, they would be able to manage each step, from request to resolution, and that it would not be hard to integrate this with new technologies to offer their customers a better and more streamlined service with the following features:

  • Improved and quicker case management through a more intuitive interface, with greater engagement and a more than 72% reduction in back-end volume along with a saving of nearly 500,000 dollars 
  • More collaborative knowledge support with 4,000 articles viewable, resulting in faster ticket resolution and fewer customer support requests 
  • Improved customer self-service, as it is now easier to make requests, create tickets, or access reports individually 
  • Automation for increased efficiency with less cost, as tickets are automatically rerouted or reassigned according to agent skills

The Result

Ability to open a case 8x times faster

User experience

80% of cases are opened directly via the client portal

Elevate ROI
Over 72% reduction in back-end volume resulting in savings of nearly $500,000

User experience
Employees are able to focus on high-priority issues

For this firm, the tangible results justify their decision to opt for a modernized portal, which now has 80% of tickets routed through it compared to 20% managed by the former CRM system. This drastic improvement indirectly speaks to the speed with which tickets are now opened – 8x faster with just 11% needing personal attention. Guided by Thirdera's ITSM team, this firm has been able to strategically realign itself to achieve digital transformation - the outcome of which has been happier customers and employees along with more streamlined processes to facilitate fulfillment of larger business objectives. 


About Thirdera

As the largest global pure-play ServiceNow partner, Thirdera is a trusted Elite ServiceNow partner focused solely on improving and innovating the way our customers leverage the ServiceNow platform. Our experts possess authoritative capabilities and skillsets spanning the entire Now Platform. This extensive platform expertise allows us to understand our customers’ needs and deliver tailored solutions that solve business challenges.

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Laura Dulce

Laura is the EMEA Field Marketing Manager at Thirdera. She is focused on growing Thirdera across EMEA developing and executing a regional demand generation strategy.
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