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Knowledge 2022 has arrived! Join Thirdera in New York and The Hague

The ServiceNow community has been waiting for this moment! This year Knowledge 2022 is back in person in a new, exciting way. Knowledge 2022 Spring Series events are hosted in major geographical locations across the globe (New York, The Hague, Las Vegas, Sydney), connecting local experts and uncovering how the world works with ServiceNow! 

Thirdera is proud to be a Select Sponsor of Knowledge 2022, and we are thrilled to be joining ServiceNow for every step of this journey. 

Experience Knowledge first-hand by joining us in New York and The Hague on May 11-12 for two full days of networking, roundtable discussions, demos, breakouts, and more.


Join us live in Javits Center, New York


Attend this Knowledge 2022 session presented by Martin Palacios, Practice Director, Digital Development & Products at Thirdera Digital (3D) to discover the intricacies of UX/UI design and find out how to create remarkable experiences on the ServiceNow platform. 

Tune in to our session on May 11, 3:30 PM EST at Expo Theater #4 to:

  • Discover how our team of experts meets clients where they are on the journey and creates tailored experiences on ServiceNow.
  • Learn how an intuitively designed portal experience can meet the specific needs of your diverse user base and increase platform adoption.

Come say hi to Thirdera on the show floor and take advantage of the immersive Oculus Quest 2 Experience that was designed especially for you! Scan your badge and enter our raffle for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset of your own. 


Join us live in World Forum, The Hague Session in the Hague

It's time to overcome the idea that design is a luxury item, or a “nice-to-have”! Attend our UX Matter: How Design Can Make or Break Your Platform Knowledge 2022 session hosted by Breanne Creelman, Director at Thirdera Digital (3D) and find out why it's crucial to listen to your users and meet them where they are to deliver tailored experiences that would delight them. 

Stop by our booth on the show floor to learn how Thirdera can help you put the pedal to the metal with your implementation and accelerate your ServiceNow journey. Plus, enter our raffle for a chance to win a Meet, Greet & Race with Robert Doornbos at Zandvoort! 


Knowledge 2022 On-demand Series by Thirdera 

Not attending Knowledge in New York or The Hague? We got you covered! Tune in to Thirdera's Knowledge 2022 On-demand Series to stay up-to-date on the biggest ServiceNow conference of the year. Get access to unique sessions available on-demand the day Knowledge 2022 goes live in New York and The Hague! 

Our UX Matter: How Design Can Make or Break Your Platform Knowledge 2022 session is going live on May 11. Catch up on the on-demand recording and experience Knowledge first-hand. 


LIT Wows Forbes Global 2000 Clients with Order Management Automation

neon glowing circles 2022-05 blue

Watch this on-demand session to learn why our customer, Lera Investment Technologies (LIT), chose ServiceNow and Order Service Management to innovate its business model and create a nearly fully automated process. By using Service Bridge and several integrations, LIT was able to eliminate reliance on manual tasks and create a seamless process, from order intake to billing reconciliation.

LIT is presenting live at Knowledge in New York, but if you are not planning to attend the live event, watch this on-demand session to discover how LIT achieved automation nirvana and how they continue to deliver an exceptional experience to their users today. 


UX Collaborative Workshop Experience by Thirdera Digital (3D)

MicrosoftTeams-image (165)

Let's take your ServiceNow experience to a whole new level! Check out this on-demand collaborative workshop hosted by the Thirdera Digital (3D) team to understand the importance of talking and listening to your users when creating digital experiences and building trust with them through showing empathy and asking questions to improve the overall experience. 

In this session we will:

  • Introduce you to three different users from a University
  • Invite you to come along this journey with us where we have the users act the roles that we created based on the real use cases
  • Walk you through the process of interviewing users and listening to their honest feedback
  • Demonstrate how we take the information from users and set up an empathy map to provide customers with feedback on how the portal experience is received by the team. 

This digital workshop session is a just glimpse of our interactive user workshop experiences hosted by the Thirdera Digital (3D) team.


Meta Meetup in Thirderaverse

Meta meetup

Have an Oculus?! Join us in Horizon Worlds where we've built 'Thirderaverse', a place to mingle, learn, and interact with Eranauts and other industry peers.

During this meet-up you will: 

  • Discover the ins and outs of Thirderaverse
  • Find out about the most exciting things that happened at Knowledge 2022 
  • Discuss how the world of work is evolving
  • Meet fellow VR enthusiasts and share a virtual drink with our CEO, Jason Wojahn. 

Fill out this form to get an exclusive invite to our  Thirderaverse and experience a new era of meet-ups. 


What is next? 

Stay tuned for more Knowledge 2022 On-demand sessions that will become available soon. Be the first one to find out exciting news and updates about Knowledge. Register for our on-demand sessions today! 

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Anna Alferova

Anna is the Digital Marketing Director at Thirdera. She is a marketing professional with experience in leading B2B multi-channel marketing campaigns and with an eye for strategy in digital and content marketing, passionate about innovative data-driven ways to deliver digital transformation.