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Seamless I-9 Verification with ServiceNow Document Intelligence

The rise of deskless workers — those who are not anchored to a traditional office space — is reshaping the landscape of employment and operational logistics. These workers, who form a significant portion of the workforce in industries like retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics, face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to essential HR processes like I-9 verification. ServiceNow Document Intelligence emerges as a game-changing solution, offering a pathway to streamline these processes and support the unique needs of deskless workers.


The Challenge of I-9 Verification for Deskless Workers

The Form I-9 is a critical document used in the United States to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment. For deskless workers, completing this form can be a logistical challenge. Traditional I-9 verification processes are often paper-based and require in-person verification, which can be cumbersome for workers who are on the move or located far from company offices. This not only slows down the onboarding process but also increases the risk of errors and non-compliance with employment laws.


Introducing ServiceNow Document Intelligence

ServiceNow Document Intelligence leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to automate the processing of documents and data. In the context of I-9 verification, this powerful tool can transform the way companies handle the verification process for deskless workers, making it more efficient, accurate, and compliant.


How ServiceNow Document Intelligence Transforms I-9 Verification

  • Remote Verification: ServiceNow Document Intelligence enables remote verification of I-9 documents. Deskless workers can submit their documents electronically, from any location, at any time. This flexibility is invaluable for those who cannot easily access office locations.
  • Automated Document Processing: The solution automates the extraction and verification of information from I-9 forms and supporting documents. This reduces manual entry, speeds up the verification process, and minimizes the risk of human error.
  • Enhanced Compliance: With built-in checks and alerts, ServiceNow Document Intelligence helps ensure that all I-9 verifications are conducted according to federal regulations, reducing the risk of compliance issues.
  • Real-Time Updates and Notifications: Deskless workers and HR teams can receive real-time updates and notifications about the status of I-9 verifications, ensuring transparency and timely completion of the process.
  • Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of the information on I-9 forms, ServiceNow Document Intelligence ensures that all data is securely processed and stored, protecting against data breaches and unauthorized access.


Why ServiceNow Document Intelligence Is a Game-Changer

For organizations that rely on a deskless workforce, ServiceNow Document Intelligence offers a way to overcome the logistical challenges of traditional I-9 verification processes. It not only streamlines onboarding but also enhances the overall experience for both employees and HR teams. By automating critical steps and enabling remote verification, ServiceNow Document Intelligence ensures that deskless workers are onboarded quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with employment laws.


Empower Your Deskless Workers

The advent of ServiceNow Document Intelligence marks a significant step forward in supporting the unique needs of deskless workers, especially in the critical area of I-9 verification. By embracing this technology, organizations can ensure a smoother, faster, and more compliant onboarding process for their deskless workforce, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. As the workplace continues to evolve, a partner like Thirdera, a Cognizant company will play a pivotal role in enabling organizations to adapt to changing dynamics and meet the needs of their diverse workforce.

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