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Seeds of Change: Transforming Portfolio Management with ServiceNow

Modern agricultural producers face unprecedented challenges due to climate change, rapid technological advancement, and regulated sustainability practices. One global agricultural company is seeking to combat these issues and give farmers the tools they need to feed the world through cutting-edge farming innovations, high-touch customer engagement experiences, and operational execution.

By relying on a unique distribution strategy and diverse combination of agricultural solutions, digital products, and customer services, the company is committed to maximizing productivity for farmers and enriching the lives of producers and consumers. With technical implementation from Thirdera, the company successfully launched a Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution to advance its mission and values well into the future.


Company Profile

Size: 20,000+ employees  |  Industry: Agriculture  |  Location: United States


Key Challenges

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This global agriculture company lacked a centralized IT project and backlog management repository. This resulted in limited oversight and reporting capabilities for upcoming business priorities and tech initiatives. 

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Capacity of resources for upcoming projects were unknown, making it difficult to forecast future resource demands. Current resource assignments were also not visible within a centralized reporting system. 

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The company had no existing demand intake processes, creating a disconnect between IT and other business units. Project value estimation did not exist, and the company’s project return on investment (ROI) reporting was minimal.

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From an administrative perspective, vendor invoicing processes were disjointed and not connected to the overarching project management process.

Seeking sustainable and practical solutions, leaders across the organization were eager to undergo a critical digital transformation that would allow the business to continually serve populations and protect food supplies around the world.


Our Solution

Through strong partnership and collaboration with Thirdera, the agricultural company introduced ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) suite to tackle this multifaceted business case. From the foundational “Crawl” phase to the advanced “Walk” phase of the project, Thirdera implemented several applications for the company, including:

  • Project Portfolio Management – Providing visibility into demand and resources, this application helps improve forecasting and long-term business value.
  • Demand Management – With the IT demand management application, requests are now centralized at the enterprise level.
  • Resource Management – Consolidating resources into one holistic view helps maximize investments and visualize how time is invested throughout the entire business portfolio.

In this case, Demand Management was used to accurately track incoming IT demands across multiple business units. Generating new work items, including new projects from approved demands, became centralized and productive. Better demand prioritization and scoring processes also allowed leaders to quickly rank the highest priority initiatives based on overall value and expected benefit. 

The company’s IT team gained more oversight and visibility into important resource allocations by taking advantage of dashboards and reports. With the ServiceNow solutions implemented by Thirdera, teams gained the ability to import resource management data and share it among users and resource groups. Skill sets were also aligned to resources, enhancing the resourcing utilization analysis.

Even issues that were less pressing in the short term, like vendor invoicing, benefited from a total automation makeover. By revamping the process and connecting timecards and expense processing, IT Managers built confidence in backend processes that allow the business side to run smoothly.

The Result

Optimized Demand Management workflow
In just the first year, 370 demands have been submitted and processed through the new demand management process, ensuring the most efficient allocation of resources. 

Efficient creation of teams and workload distribution

Since the ServiceNow implementation, 95 resource teams have been established and over 1,100 team members have been allocated to those teams. 

Improved resource planning and allocation
With a consolidated, accurate view of resource availability, the company can make the most of existing resources. Since implementation, over 1,200 resource plans have been allocated to demands and projects.

Enhanced reporting
Newly created dashboards and reports with enhanced filtering provide oversight of and visibility into demand and resource allocations. With custom-built reports, the company can easily track allocated hours and cost per resource, dramatically simplifying vendor invoicing.

These metrics and clear wins provide a reason to think optimistically about the future. And as an organization that exists to improve work for millions of producers and consumers around the globe, these long-term gains mean more hope through innovation for everyone.


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Ronda Luna

Ronda Luna is a Strategic Portfolio Management Practice Manager with over 20 years of experience in business operations and IT. Her expertise includes program/project management, PMO design and leadership across IT, professional services, financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, hospitality and construction. Ronda possesses PMP and CGEIT certifications.
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