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ServiceNow Demo: Continual Improvement Management

Achieve service excellence by bringing people, processes, and data together. 

ServiceNow Continual Improvement Management transforms improvement ideas
into reality. Watch this demo by HR experts from Thirdera and learn how to prioritize and improve services, processes, and functions by tracking them all in a single destination, with measurable goals, KPIs, and a continual improvements dashboard.


Watch the demo 


Video Snapshots

0:18 - Review Continual Management Dashboard
0:46 - Take a look at common KPIs & metrics important to improving the employee experience 
1:48 - Review Continual Improvement Management tool & records


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Will Smith

William is a Senior Technical Consultant at Thirdera. He excels as an administrator and developer, with skills in UI/UX/CX best practices. William is a quick learner who is always up for a challenge and can quickly assimilate the customer's needs and see opportunities to improve existing processes. He is a member of the Employee Experience Practice at Thirdera.