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ServiceNow Guide: 6 Steps to HR Adoption

Is your team struggling to improve HR adoption and automate employee workflows? Still using manual legacy systems, emails, and spreadsheets to track and analyze HR activities and performance?

Our ServiceNow Employee Experience experts created this guide to help you get in the right mindset and prepare your team for a successful HR implementation.

What are the key steps to improve HR adoption? Here is where you can start:


Step 1: Choose your champions 

Involve your team in the HR adoption process from day one!  As you plan for adoption, have the best interests of your HR teams in mind. They will be your first champions or critics, and your best source of information and support. If they support the tool, they can spread the good news to other areas of the organization and encourage adoption by asking employees to use the platform. 

Expert HR Tip: Start at home by improving the working conditions for your HR team and getting them on your side to take the first step in a successful HR digital transformation journey.


Step 2: Think Like an Employee

Employees see their data differently, so you should too. Take a step back from the HR mindset and consider the experience from the employee’s perspective. Set realistic expectations for HR engagements and educate your employees on the typical resolution times for HR requests. Elevate HR by providing a consumer-grade experience for employees in the language they prefer. Give them full transparency into the status of their requests, and the ability to find their own answers via robust and easily accessible knowledge bases.


Interested to learn about the other 4 steps for improving the employee experience and HR adoption? 


Get the HR Guide 


Sabrina Ethridge

Sabrina is a Principal Consultant at Thirdera. She has 20+ years of experience working with Service Management tools and processes. Sabrina configured and customized applications in ServiceNow for the past 12 years with a focus on IT Service Management and HR Service Delivery. Sabrina is a member of the Employee Experience Practice at Thirdera.
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