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Strengthen Your Security Stance with ServiceNow Security Posture Control

Ensuring the safety of organizational assets has become paramount. However, with the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and the proliferation of cloud services, maintaining a robust security posture has become a daunting task for cybersecurity teams.

One of the primary challenges is gaining comprehensive visibility into assets and understanding the associated security risks. Deploying essential security tools such as Endpoint Protection and Anti-malware is crucial, but it's equally important to track which assets are protected and which remain vulnerable. Moreover, as organizations embrace cloud infrastructure, the risk of accidental misconfigurations exposing assets to the internet further complicates matters.


Introducing Security Posture Control: A Two-Tiered Approach

ServiceNow's Security Posture Control offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges with its two layers of security: Asset Security Posture Management and Cloud Security Posture Management.

Asset Security Posture Management

This layer provides visibility into security tool coverage gaps on enterprise assets, including on-premises devices and cloud-based virtual machines. By leveraging data from Service Graph Connectors in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Security Posture Control identifies missing security tools such as endpoint protection agents or configuration management agents.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Going beyond traditional asset management, this layer offers advanced insights into cloud assets, including internet exposure and compliance with benchmark standards like CIS. By interfacing directly with cloud providers' APIs, ServiceNow can detect misconfigurations and assess the security posture of cloud-based virtual machines, particularly in AWS environments.


How It Works

Service Graph Connectors play a pivotal role in Asset Security Posture Management by aggregating asset data from various tools into the CMDB. This data is then analyzed to identify gaps in security tool coverage, enabling cybersecurity teams to prioritize remediation efforts effectively. Similarly, Cloud Security Posture Management utilizes cloud provider APIs to assess the security configuration of virtual machines, identifying potential vulnerabilities and exposure to the internet.

For organizations already leveraging Vulnerability Response, Security Posture Control offers seamless integration, combining asset security and cloud security insights with vulnerability data. This synergy allows for the identification of critical or high-risk assets, streamlining the remediation process and fortifying the organization's defenses against cyber threats.


Customizable Policies

ServiceNow provides out-of-the-box policies to detect common security gaps, such as assets missing endpoint protection or exposed cloud assets. Moreover, organizations can easily create custom policies using the intuitive policy builder, enabling tailored protection aligned with internal security standards and specific organizational requirements.

Key Features:

  • Out-of-the-box policies for detecting security gaps in both on-premises and cloud assets.
  • Customizable policies to align with internal security standards and organizational requirements.
  • Integration with Vulnerability Response for enhanced vulnerability management.
  • Automated remediation workflows to streamline the mitigation of security issues.
  • Comprehensive overview of enterprise assets and security findings for informed decision-making.


Fortify Your Security Posture

With its seamless integration, customizable policies, and automated remediation workflows, Security Posture Control equips organizations with the necessary tools to maintain a robust security stance, ensuring the protection of valuable data and infrastructure against potential breaches and cyber-attacks.

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Prab Lakshminarayana is a seasoned Solution Architect with a decade of specialized expertise in ServiceNow, particularly focused on SecOps, integrations, ITSM, ITOM, and CMDB. With a comprehensive skill set and certifications including Certified Application Developer and Certified Implementation Specialist (SIR, VR, and ITSM), Prab excels in delivering tailored solutions to streamline IT operations and enhance business efficiency.
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