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Thirdera Recognized as the 2023 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year

Thirdera is proud to announce that we have been recognized as the 2023 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year for doing an outstanding job expanding our ServiceNow IT Service Cloud practice and demonstrating a commitment to delivering world-class standards to our customer success charter and digital transformation. 

The ServiceNow Global Alliances and Channel Ecosystem (ACE) organization recognizes the achievements of industry-leading Partners that have contributed to ServiceNow’s growth trajectory by driving successful business outcomes for joint customers. This year's awards are based on Partner performance in 2022, which is evaluated by the following key attributes: revenue contribution/growth, product line expansion, workflow and skill competencies growth, and business innovation with associated digital transformation impact.

The 2023 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year award was presented at the ServiceNow Americas Partner Awards reception in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

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Thirdera is the preeminent value enabler for ServiceNow customers. Since Thirdera became a ServiceNow partner, the definition of value has changed tremendously based on a multitude of factors from economical to technological. Yet, during this ongoing evolution, Thirdera has not deviated from its long-standing goal of bringing customers the right value at the right time. As the largest global pure play ServiceNow partner, Thirdera has demonstrated a level of intuition in understanding customer needs, represented by its continuous development of platform experts, innovative service portfolio, and growing global presence. 

“We are ecstatic to be recognized as the 2023 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year! Being the recipient of one of ServiceNow’s top partner awards is an accolade we’ll certainly savor. Yet, I speak for all of us at Thirdera when I say that our true measure of success is enabling complete platform value for ServiceNow our customers.” 

Jon Reynolds headshot(green)-1 Jon Reynolds
Senior VP Global Alliances & Corp Development

Over the past year, ServiceNow continued to expand its global Partner Ecosystem and is revamping its entire Partner Program to focus on building intimate relationships with its Partners. The new Partner Program is designed to help Partners offer greater support to customers navigating complex digital transformation journeys. The world of work has changed, and ServiceNow recognizes the value Thirdera brings in helping customers adjust to—and excel in—today’s market.  

Membership in the ServiceNow Partner Program has provided Thirdera with the tools to be equipped, enabled, and empowered to identify jointly aligned go-to-market initiatives and innovative offerings and solutions that deliver accelerated return on investment to customers and drive growth for ServiceNow.


About Thirdera

Thirdera is an Elite-level ServiceNow partner, enabling customers to leverage the power of the ServiceNow platform through workflow-enabled services and solutions. Founded in 2021, Thirdera has quickly become an industry leader, evident by its recognition as a Major Contender in the Everest Group ServiceNow Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022 and distinction as the 2022 ServiceNow Global Emerging Industry Solutions Partner of the Year. As the largest global pure-play ServiceNow partner, Thirdera offers unmatched industry expertise and world-class innovation to help businesses accelerate growth and productivity via transformation, digitization, and automation. Visit www.thirdera.com for more information.


Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.
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