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Using ServiceNow ITSM in the Customer Service World

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) has grown in use for a while now; supporting the fact that delivering excellent customer service is becoming a key competitive differentiator across industries. More specifically, a study by Microsoft found that nearly 60% of consumers have higher customer service expectations than just a year ago.

A big reason for the surge in CSM popularity is that the capabilities drive better customer service experiences and employee efficiencies. One of these efficiencies is the ease of access to open Incidents, Problems, Changes, and Requests for the IT teams. In a single view, you can create a task for IT, and it will automatically relate back to the original Case. This saves manual effort done by the agents and provides clear documentation of what task is associated with each case.

The ServiceNow CSM module allows users to create an Incident with ease


The integration with IT Service Management (ITSM) allows the IT support teams to easily collaborate and support the customer service teams. With issues resolved quickly and efficiently, employees are more productive, and customers are happier. Instead of having to send an email or reach out in a separate channel to get your incident opened, you can get IT involved and queued up on the same platform with the click of a button.

View of the ServiceNow Advanced Work Assignment module


When utilizing Advanced Work Assignment (AWA), incidents and other tasks can be automatically routed to the appropriate team and queued to the most available agent. This works the same way as Customer Service Management.


Having both your Customer Support teams and IT Support teams working together in one platform creates a smooth transition and assignment of work. Taking time to define your processes and tools will enable these teams to resolve issues and provide automated answers to customers quickly. Another great feature is the ability to share knowledge; so, IT Articles that apply to Customer Service can be seen by the appropriate team(s), and the same with Customer Service to IT.



Unify your customer and IT service teams


When you purchase a ServiceNow CSM license the ITSM suite is included, meaning these synergies come standard with deploying the Customer Service Management module.


By following best practices around configuration and integration, you can ensure your teams are equipped to collaborate efficiently. Thirdera's platform experts can help advise on tailoring these out-of-the-box tools to meet specific business needs. With the proper foundations in place, you can then focus on enhancing customer interactions beyond current capabilities. 


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Joseph Prewitt

Joseph is a ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management and has been involved in several ServiceNow ITSM implementations. He has over 20 years of IT experience and 5 years in ITSM service delivery, system integrations, custom development and platform configuration.
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