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Why Federal and State Agencies Need to Improve Customer Experience

Governments, ranging from small municipalities to sprawling federal organizations, are dealing with existing technical environments that are outdated and rely on manual and inefficient processes. The impact is far-reaching, with many constituents being denied the digital customer experience they expect and demand. By no means is this intentional – chalk it up to red- tape, budgetary constraints, or bureaucratic challenges – as providing an elevated customer experience has been top-of-mind for agencies for several years. It just so happens that it is now a more urgent agenda item due to the pandemic-related global disruption, an increasingly louder constituent uproar, and stricter government mandates.

This is just half the story, though. Like the private sector, governments are also struggling to retain talent. Agent dissatisfaction has prompted a wave of resignations from long-tenured professionals, with many defecting to the private sector. Combine that with a feverish push to adopt a hybrid work model and grant work-from-home privileges, and many government agencies have reached the point where it’s do-or-die.

Suggesting agencies are in survival mode may be hyperbole, but these internal and external pressures have set off a deliberate effort to make government work easier. And this warrants an optimistic outlook. However, there is a collective hesitancy in taking that next step. Providing digital services to constituents and automated workflows to agents is a significant investment that requires significant improvements in information access, process improvement, and service availability. And the pressure to find the perfect solution the first time around elicits indecisiveness, further amplified by a market saturated with competing cloud technologies.

All of it begs the question, “what do we do?”. And, frankly, the answer depends on your specific use case needs and the unique dynamic between your people, processes, and technologies. However, ServiceNow, Thirdera, and 3CLogic have vetted and assembled a tailorable, scalable, and industry-specific solution that is intended to address government challenges quickly.

CitizenKey is a ServiceNow-certified solution that seamlessly integrates with your multi-system environments, removing the complexity and challenge of designing and configuring a digital-first constituent solution within a reasonable cost and timeline. In addition, using the power of ServiceNow’s Public Sector Digital Services product and 3CLogic’s digital voice/SMS support, CitizenKey accelerates the deployment of a secure, persona-based, and digital-first solution. And that’s something that even the filibuster-happy can get behind.

Learn more about CitizenKey’s purpose-built feature set and how it can increase your constituent satisfaction and your agent’s efficiency.

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Michael Henderson

Michael ha sido un profesional de marketing de contenidos en el espacio de ServiceNow durante más de 10 años. Su enfoque es desarrollar contenido atractivo que permita a los clientes tomar decisiones informadas a lo largo de su viaje de gestión de servicios.