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Embrace the AI revolution

Capture the strategic advantage of AI to maximize platform value. 

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Build a smarter business

ServiceNow is integrating AI capabilities into every facet of the Now Platform to help businesses boost efficiency, insights, and experiences. From automating repetitive tasks to predicting outcomes with incredible accuracy, AI can drive tangible returns across industries. It’s enabling hyper-personalized customer interactions, optimizing complex supply chains, and securing networks against increasingly sophisticated threats. And with collaborative partnerships with leading technology providers like Thirdera, tailored AI solutions can address specific business challenges better than ever before. The result is smarter businesses with more empowered, engaged workforces.


Harness the power of AI for unparalleled business growth

We create seamless, innovative experiences that not only drive your enterprise forward but also resonate deeply with every individual involved.

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Elevated Efficiency

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Improved Decision Making

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Innovation Acceleration

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Data-Driven Insights

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Enhanced User Experience


Enhance every aspect of your business with AI

An experience-first, human-centric approach is at the heart of our AI practice. 

We collaborate closely with stakeholders across the enterprise to pinpoint use cases that solve real problems and move key metrics. With governance frameworks that proactively address bias, security, and responsible usage, we instill confidence and trust in AI from the start. Ongoing policy enforcement and education reinforce AI’s role as an ally – not replacement – for human employees. The outcome is AI tightly aligned with strategic goals, deployed securely by design, and embraced by workers as an enhancement.

Scott Seaton
Strategic Consulting Practice Manager

Scott is a strategic technology executive with over 25 years of experience driving operational excellence, forging enterprise roadmaps, and empowering organizational change management.

“I love helping organizations define and align their business and IT objectives. A well architected ServiceNow Roadmap will enable a higher level of strategic organizational transformation, that will drive tangible, operational improvements.”

AI Service Offerings

Thirdera offers a wide range of AI services designed to assist you in developing and optimizing your ServiceNow platform.

Advisory Services

  • AI integration advisory
  • Use case study
  • Innovation workshop
  • Training & skill development
  • AI strategy development
  • Governance & ethics
  • Managed Services  
  • User experience
  • Performance measure & reporting
  • Pilot projects

Center of Excellence


  • Advisory & consulting
  • Demand management
  • Upskilling & training
  • Innovation lab
  • Resource provisioning
  • Implementation support
  • AI Implementation Blueprint 

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