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Global SAP on Cloud Leader, Lemongrass, Embarks on Multi-Continent ITSM Overhaul

Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider, synonymous with SAP on Cloud. With a unique combination of experience, expertise, and best practices designed to deliver the desired outcomes from an SAP transformation, Lemongrass delivers superior, highly automated professional and managed services to enterprise customers. The company engineers strategies and services that enable the economics, scale, and agility of hyper-scale computing while unlocking business innovation and controlling the risks and uncertainties.


As Lemongrass helps companies migrate to cloud-based environments and achieve economies of scale, partnerships with SAP, AWS, Microsoft, Google, and other global technology leaders make tangible results possible. Since Lemongrass specializes in hyper-scale growth, innovation is critical for successful implementation.
Lemongrass decided its legacy IT service management (ITSM) solution was no longer suitable for complex IT issue resolution. The company chose Thirdera to seamlessly and strategically de-commission its current platform and pave the way to a new, more effective solution with ServiceNow.


Company Profile

Size: 700+ employees  |  Industry: SAP & Cloud Consulting  |  Location: Global


Key Challenges

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Lemongrass previously relied on an ITSM tool which, over time, was no longer able to adequately support the teams in their mission to continually innovate and evolve their services. Lemongrass sought a new ITSM system to support its existing customers that could also become a template for future customers.

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A significant goal for Lemongrass is to solve complex IT problems for customers. Lemongrass needed to introduce any new developments or changes thoughtfully, carefully, and tactfully to minimize customer disruption. 

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As a major international project, the success of the ITSM implementation was highly dependent on being able to meet across global boundaries and get work done efficiently and transparently.

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Speedy implementation of a new customer portal was necessary for Lemongrass’s clients, many of whom were also global. ServiceNow was the key to unlocking an entirely new chapter of high-standard services.

When working with a company known for its innovation and complexity, it’s vital to respect in-house expertise and knowledge. Lemongrass is not only in a unique position within its industry, but the abundance of cross-continental collaboration required also made new processes particularly nuanced.

Thirdera approached the project with these unique factors in mind to instill belief in new developments while offering assurance to Lemongrass’s existing customer network.


Our Solution

From the start, Thirdera’s overarching goal was to implement a modern ITSM solution—ServiceNow—to help Lemongrass better serve its customer base. 

Thirdera successfully helped Lemongrass maintain its high reputation in a global industry while providing a superior customer experience. This was accomplished by designing and launching the following ServiceNow elements:

  • ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) has introduced large-scale enterprise solutions to incident and problem management processes. With specific reporting and service levels, Lemongrass has unlocked better integrations to client ITSM solutions. The result is more support for SAP and non-SAP data and processes, which help Lemongrass work across delivery centers and international workplaces.
  • An improved change management process has allowed Lemongrass to better track and enforce new changes to client-related platforms such as Service Catalog, Service Hours, Supported Systems, and Service Levels.
  • ServiceNow’s Knowledge and Service Portal created a client-specific knowledge management portal. Insights are now accessible to any Lemongrass employee anywhere and anytime, bringing communication clarity.
  • Through a new ServiceNow Customer Portal, Lemongrass benefits from a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly platform. These portals are also client-specific, enabling the critical segregation of client data. The highly adaptable portals also provide self-service capabilities and real-time reporting of client SLAs.
  • Finally, Lemongrass has embraced robust API integrations that pave the way for the replication and replacement of clients’ existing ITSM tools. The testing and validation capabilities extend across the entire customer portfolio, making the bridge to global cloud platforms even more streamlined. A knowledge transfer, supported by Thirdera, allows Lemongrass to support the development of additional API integrations via self-service. These options are genuinely future-forward, reinforcing Lemongrass’s commitment to innovation.

Thirdera’s ServiceNow solution for Lemongrass is holistic, multi-layered, and revolutionary—all the qualities that Lemongrass strives to bring to its own customers. Although the level of detail required was extremely high, Thirdera’s developers rose to the occasion and crafted a custom ServiceNow solution worthy of international acclaim.

The Result

A more modern ITSM tool
At the end of the first project phase, Lemongrass was able to successfully de-commission its legacy ITSM system. Lemongrass and its clients are pleased with the new, easy-to-use ServiceNow platform.

Faster integrations

With an enhanced and up-to-date interface, Lemongrass can now quickly integrate new solutions. Previously, the same integrations would take months to implement, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Potential for expansion in the cloud
Lemongrass is now exploring a second phase of the project, where they take the basis of discovery in the cloud to create new experiences. This process will include workload and software management through CMDB and discovery, which has not been done previously. There is an opportunity to create an all-new landscape for discovery that could become a blueprint for what is possible with the power of ServiceNow.

Cross-platform potential
Lemongrass runs on innovation, and because of ServiceNow, the possibilities are truly endless. Team leaders view this project as foundational for further expansion. Future goals involve connecting clients to more platforms and templating the experience for enterprise users.

Thirdera’s unique approach to Lemongrass’ needs—starting with replacing a legacy ITSM platform and establishing a foundation for cloud discovery—has made a positive impression on Lemongrass’s highly experienced team.

"I have no doubt that Thirdera’s actions are predictive of an overwhelmingly successful ServiceNow launch. We look forward to continued efforts even after Go-Live.”

Mike Rosenbloom
CEO, Lemongrass

Lemongrass is now better equipped to grow confidently, bridge the gaps between an international group of staff members and customers, and drive innovation in the SAP space and beyond.


About Thirdera

As the largest global pure-play ServiceNow partner, Thirdera is a trusted Elite ServiceNow partner focused solely on improving and innovating the way our customers leverage the ServiceNow platform. Our experts possess authoritative capabilities and skillsets spanning the entire Now Platform. This extensive platform expertise allows us to understand our customers’ needs and deliver tailored solutions that solve business challenges.

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