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Improve Customer Service Metrics from Weeks to Days

With 12,000 customers and 40,000 employees worldwide, this global medical technology company provides innovative products and services that improve patient and hospital outcomes. Each month, the company sees over 10,000 customer service interactions with staff members and billing specialists at the hospitals, clinics, and medical offices that purchase its medical equipment. However, without a scalable approach to customer service management, managing this high volume of interactions was becoming increasingly difficult.


Company Profile

Size: 40,000 employees     |     Industry: Medical Manufacturing     |     Location: United States


Key Challenges


Manual customer service interactions that were managed in shared mailboxes created conditions that were time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to issues slipping through the cracks.

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The company was unable to automate customer confirmations and updates related to their service inquiries and had no solution for users to easily track the status of their inquiries.


Customer issues could take weeks to resolve due to a lack of enforceable service level agreements (SLAs) or operational level agreements (OLAs), resulting in a noticeable impact on the customer experience.

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Without real-time insight into the performance and productivity of each agent, it was difficult for management to ensure cases were routed to the most suitable resource.


Our Solution

To improve service operations and customer satisfaction, the company enlisted ServiceNow and Thirdera. The company chose Thirdera as its partner for the core implementation of ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM), given Thirdera’s track record of successful ServiceNow project delivery in other parts of its business. With Thirdera’s unique combination of business process consulting and technical consulting—as well as its expertise in the CSM domain—Thirdera further stood out as the partner best suited to create and manage a roadmap for the successful implementation of ServiceNow CSM.

Thirdera implemented ServiceNow Customer Service Management to provide:

  • Email Processing through the ServiceNow platform that uses inbound emails to automatically create cases and routes to the appropriate agents.
  • Genesys Phone System Integration that auto-populates contact data and existing customer cases for agents.
  • Internal Portal that allows employees from sales, customer service associates, and other users to submit cases directly for most common requests.


The Result

Gives customers continuous visibility into the status of open service inquiries, while giving managers real-time insight into agent workload and performance.

Enables the company to improve the efficiency of customer service delivery, ensuring cases are automatically routed to the right agent quickly.

Improves the customer experience by enabling agents to manage and respond to customer service requests in days rather than weeks.

Allows the company to handle more than 10,000 customer interactions a month, with an average resolution time of just three to five days.

With ServiceNow CSM implemented by Thirdera, the company has been able to substantially improve the efficiency of service delivery. The company can create and route cases to the agents with the necessary skill, capacity, and availability so issues are resolved quickly—rather than having cases bounce around from one mailbox to another for days or even weeks. By providing customers with instant visibility into the status of their case and expectations for when it should be resolved, the ServiceNow solution has also enabled the company to significantly improve customer satisfaction. 

Customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the company’s new approach to fielding inbound customer service emails, customer portal inquiries, and phone calls. The ServiceNow solution has boosted agent productivity and satisfaction as agents no longer have to spend their time searching shared mailboxes; all of their work is organized for them in the agent workspace. With ServiceNow, the company’s leadership team also has complete visibility into the work each agent is performing, enabling them to balance workloads and better address any staffing needs. 

This increased visibility has led to tangible results. With new SLA insights and manageability, the company has been able to achieve significant operational improvements, now averaging a resolution time of just three to five days. By integrating and enhancing all the workflows in the company’s customer service operation, ServiceNow and Thirdera have helped the company transform its approach to customer service, driving operational excellence and delivering a great customer experience.


About Thirdera

The largest pure-play ServiceNow partner in North America, Thirdera is a trusted Elite ServiceNow partner focused solely on improving and innovating the way our customers leverage the ServiceNow platform. Our experts possess authoritative capabilities and skillsets spanning the entire Now Platform. This extensive platform expertise allows us to understand our customers’ needs and deliver tailored solutions that solve business challenges.

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Tim Leigh

Tim Leigh is the Content Marketing Manager at Thirdera and has worked with ServiceNow customers to realize their business potential since 2013.
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