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Optimize IT Governance Workflows With Thirdera and ServiceNow

This leading global financial services organization practices sound risk management and strive to build sustainable, healthier communities for life. The company’s IT leadership team replaced its existing governing technology investments solution with ServiceNow’s Application Portfolio Management (APM) and App Engine. Soon, however, the organization realized it needed an implementation partner to help it get the most out of its ServiceNow investment and optimize its technology acquisition workflows. 

Recognizing Thirdera’s deep expertise in ServiceNow implementations, the organization engaged Thirdera to customize its ServiceNow application using ServiceNow best practices. The new app could be used globally to serve as a single point of intake for all technology requests. Thirdera configured a custom app and user-friendly portal for employees across the organization to make technology investment requests. In addition, Thirdera provided Organizational Change Management (OCM) services, launching an application globally and providing learning and training artifacts that were incorporated into the client’s own learning management system to support training needs. 

With Thirdera’s help, the organization was able to implement a fully configurable and easy-to-scale solution that improved operational efficiency, streamlined IT governance workflows, and improved user satisfaction and adoption across the organization.


Company Profile

Size: 40,000+ employees      |     Industry: Financial Services |     Location: Canada


Key Challenges


The organization’s existing governing technology investments solution was outdated, so it wanted to improve by leveraging the ServiceNow platform.


The organization needed to re-engineer and optimize its IT governance workflows to ensure that the ServiceNow platform would meet organizational needs.

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The technology acquisition request and approval process were time-consuming and complicated for both end-users and the enterprise architecture team.

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The organization needed thorough training to increase the adoption of the new ServiceNow platform and ensure everyone had the support and information they needed to use the solution effectively.

The global financial services organization purchased ServiceNow APM to enable its IT team to track, visualize, and prioritize business applications across the organization. The data they gathered provided their Enterprise Architecture Office with critical information to govern the technology approval process and follow up on new technology for the company to invest in. However, they needed a technology partner to help them design, architecture, and build a customer application and portal to help drive the adoption of the new IT governance process.

Leaders in the organization knew that Thirdera was seasoned in ServiceNow implementation and could provide superior advisory and development services to build its custom ServiceNow solution. They engaged with Thirdera to customize its ServiceNow instance and provide the right training to end-users across the organization to make the rollout a success.


Our Solution

Based on the organization’s requirements, Thirdera Digital (3D), Thirdera's business unit focused on UX/ UI design, developed a configurable custom app with a user-friendly portal to optimize and manage the governing of new and existing technology. Thirdera delivered a portal experience that accounted for the different roles within the organization and provided each function with a seamless, intuitive experience to guide them through the technology request process. The fully configurable and easy-to-scale solution enabled the organization’s business operations team to support and maintain these requests directly in the production environment.

To ensure that the rollout would succeed, leadership wanted everyone to receive training tailored to their role in the organization. In addition to providing a customized and scalable solution, Thirdera also provided Organizational Change Management (OCM) services to improve team buy-in and increase the ROI of the ServiceNow platform. Thirdera’s OCM capabilities across communications, adoption, training and sustainment workstreams increased user satisfaction and adoption to ensure a successful rollout. Thirdera provided global, customized training based on employee role by delivering training materials and video snippets in the organization’s learning management system.

The Result

With Thirdera’s customization, the organization had a feature-rich portal that provided an optimized end-user experience and improved user satisfaction.


The dynamic intake form streamlined approvals and simplified operations. Enhanced fulfiller personas and roles in the system further improved operational efficiencies and alignment of work.

Thirdera’s global training program and YouTube-style learning videos provided employees with the support and knowledge needed to build buy-in and improve adoption.

The logic-driven configuration predicts the correct workflow to use depending on the business scenario. This proactive and dynamic process increased accuracy and accelerated the overall approval process.

Because of Thirdera’s help, the financial services organization now has a ServiceNow custom application with a portal that delivers a seamless user experience for both end-users placing technology requests and the fulfillers approving those requests. By partnering with Thirdera, the organization was able to create a custom solution designed specifically for its unique needs. The product owner at the organization added, “The Thirdera team truly embedded themselves into our team, they were flexible, and provided thought leadership throughout the entirety of the engagement.”

Each part of the workflow process was optimized for maximum efficiency. The logic-driven configuration predicts the correct workflow based on the circumstance. The dynamic intake forms streamline approvals and operations. In addition, enhanced fulfiller personas and roles provide operational efficiencies and alignment of work.

Thirdera enhanced the customized solution by increasing adoption and employee buy-in. The onboarding and internal training took place across several continents and was customized for each persona within the organization. Thirdera’s change management and global training—complete with short videos to support employee learning—improved the implementation experience for both end-users and the enterprise architecture team.

With Thirdera’s business process and technical consulting, the enterprise now has an optimized and easy-to-use platform that meets the needs of the organization and its employees. As the executive sponsor stated, it was “one of the greatest partnerships we have had with a vendor in my 20-plus years in this space.”


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JDT is a Director of Organizational Change Management at Thirdera. He is a People & Technology specialist with a background in change management, technology projects, and human resources. JDT has over 15 years of experience in helping clients and their teams adapt and navigate new technologies and organizational change.