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Pride Month Recap: 1 Month of Recognition, 365 Days of Support

Globally, June is traditionally seen as Pride Month – providing an opportunity to celebrate the impact the LGBTQ+ community has had on the world. This is recognized in many ways by members of the community and their allies. Why June? The origin of June as Pride Month stems in part from the Stonewall Riots named after a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn in New York, where patrons and other community members fought back against police harassment in 1969. Pride month and the various activities that take place around the world mean as much today as they did back in the 1970s. It has taken on a very different (and extremely colorful) look and feel!

However, it is important to recognize that not all countries and communities have the same opportunity to participate and be themselves – whether as part of a Pride celebration or in their daily lives. Freedom to be oneself and love the person one chooses to love is not always possible – even today. If nothing else but to remind ourselves of the importance of personal freedom and the power of diversity – Pride Matters.

What it means to us

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A photo of Barbara BurgerLentz (right) with her wife, daughter, and family dog


To get a true perspective on the meaning of Pride Month, I reached out to one of our Eranauts who also happens to be a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Barbara BurgerLentz has experienced the political, personal, spiritual, and professional effects of being an LGBTQ+ member. Below is a short anecdote she shared with me that accentuates how important this month is to her and her fellow community members:

“In 1999 when I was living in Philadelphia with my now wife and our 10-month-old daughter we decided to officially register as Domestic Partners – a new option at the time, not marriage but, offering an additional level of security for our family and involving a small ceremony at Philadelphia City Hall.   At the time, I was a relatively new IT Director. I was happy in my new role and with my new company, but nothing prepared me for what happened the morning of the ceremony. When I stepped into my office the morning of the Domestic Partner ceremony, I was greeted by the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I had ever seen and a bottle of fine French champagne. The rest of the morning flew by in a series of meetings punctuated by hugs, tears, and heartfelt congratulations.

Pride means to me being able to fully share the joys and struggles of family life just like everyone else without fear of economic or professional consequences. Because I am able to do this at Thirdera, I am a proud LGBTQ+ Eranaut and I am genuinely able to reassure other Eranauts that Thirdera is a safe place for them too.”


Why we celebrate it at Thirdera

Thirdera is a global company and a place for our employees to grow professionally and personally. Our values prioritize building and fostering a culture where everyone can bring their true selves to work. We are passionate about creating an environment where our employees can feel part of a community that can ensure they feel 100% included and that they belong.


"At Thirdera, everyone is welcome, everyone is safe, and everyone can shine in the full confidence they can be themselves and have the chance to do their best work and be their most authentic self."  - Jason Wojahn, Thirdera CEO


We are proud to celebrate Pride at Thirdera - during Pride month and consistently throughout the year - for all, but especially for the employees who have come to feel more comfortable being their authentic selves than they did before our Pride celebrations. We pride ourselves on being a people-first organization – one that embraces and supports the unique attributes of every individual. Pride Month presents an opportunity for us to put these principles into action. This year, a driven team of Eranauts organized three global events and activities to demonstrate our support of the LGBQT+ community.


Pride Trivia


We kicked off our celebration of Pride Month with a competitive spin. With $500 at stake, 48 Eranauts joined us for a live trivia event that tested their knowledge of LGBTQ+ history and events. This was a great opportunity to raise Pride Month awareness, promote inclusiveness, and help elicit change. Bonnie Doman (United States) and Clar Tagarda (Philippines) showcased their Pride IQ, earning the first-place podium as our trivia champions. Each was awarded $500 to donate to a charity of their choice. GATE and IT Gets Better Project were ultimately selected as the recipients, both of which have reputations for empowering and benefitting the LBGTQ+ community. 


Pride Happy-Half Hour


Unsurprising to most, our Pride happy hour event was the most widely attended. Eranauts gathered virtually to celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community and encourage continued advancement in the fight for complete equality. Our Pride spirit was high, reflected in the garb, games, and shared revelry.  This was a great chance for our colleagues to let their hair down and swing back to the best of a gay disco dance floor!


Virtual Pride Parade

Pride Month is not complete without a parade! In true embodiment of Thirdera’s core values, our Virtual Pride Parade was an active demonstration of our steadfast support of all individuals, no matter their attributes or chosen identity. Eranauts from around the world participated in a perfectly choreographed passing of the Pride flag. In only 2 minutes, the Pride flag made its way to Hague, Colombia, Sydney, and the Philippines, among other countries. This will be a video watched often within Thirdera – not only to relive the joyful pageantry but to also remind ourselves that acceptance of diversity and practice of inclusion is a recipe for unity – and that is powerful and essential mechanism for change.  


Final Words

Our support of the LGBQT+ community extends beyond the month of June. Year-round, Thirdera is committed to building an inclusive culture where all our Eranauts can connect, build relationships, grow, and develop in a work environment where they feel comfortable and supported. Visit our Careers page to learn more about career opportunities at Thirdera and how you can become an integral member of our diverse workplace.


Ronan Kevitt

Ronan Kevitt is Chief People Officer at Thirdera. With 30+ years working as a Strategic Leader in the Human Resources arena across many industries Ronan has a passion for building high performing global teams to deliver on a company’s customer, growth and people agenda. In his role at Thirdera, Ronan actively influences organizational change, developing and implementing innovative strategies in support of workforce engagement whilst at the same time, he is committed to fostering a culture of professional and personal growth for its global and diverse workforce.