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Process Automation Delivers $800k in Annual Savings for Pharma Giant

As a long-standing ServiceNow customer, this pharmaceutical company continued its business optimization journey in 2023 with a primary focus on enhancing the user experience via process automation.


Project Snapshot


estimated annual savings via automation of critical workflows


estimated number of tasks automated annually

Client size: 50,000+ Client industry: Pharmaceutical Client location: Global


Key Challenges

Facing tight budget constraints, this customer sought immediate process automation opportunities to address the following core business objectives:

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Increase service velocity

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Elevate employee and customer experiences

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Reduce manual tasks for contracted/MSP teams


Our Solution

In close collaboration with the customer's SMO, Thirdera, a Cognizant company identified high-volume and high-impact request workflows suitable for automation so teams could spend more time on strategic-thinking and productive activities.

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ComplianceWire Training Verification Automation

When an access request is submitted, the ComplianceWire integration checks if the user has completed the mandatory training required. If completed, the request is automatically approved, and access is automatically granted via workflow.

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Active Directory Automation

Automated workflow that conducts Add/Remove/Modify/Create processes for Active Directory accounts when requested.

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Adobe Sign (QuickSign)

Contract management integration whereby an API request is sent to QuickSign with the template and recipient details. QuickSign updates ServiceNow with the contract status, and when complete, ServiceNow retrieves the signed PDF from QuickSign.

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CMDB Infrastructure Relationship Mapping Automation

Converted manual data management tasks for CMDB application service verification and relationship mapping to automated data updates.

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Managed by Groups Task Automation

Automatically assigns the appropriate "managed by" group to servers after provisioning, based on the server type.

The Result

Enhanced user experience
Request turnaround times have been expedited by eliminating 15,000 hours of manual task time per annum.

Enabled future transformation initiatives

Process automation has enabled exploration of additional transformation opportunities including a virtual Walk-Up experience and HR service automation.

Immediate cost savings
An estimated $800,000 in annual savings has demonstrated the value of the ServiceNow platform in supporting cross-enterprise objectives.

About Thirdera, a Cognizant company

Thirdera, a Cognizant company is an Elite-level ServiceNow partner, enabling customers to maximize the value of the ServiceNow platform through workflow-enabled services and solutions. Founded in 2021 and acquired by Cognizant in 2024, Thirdera, a Cognizant company is one of the largest and most credentialed ServiceNow partners globally. We offer world-class guidance to help businesses accelerate growth and productivity. With expertise and capabilities spanning experience design, process optimization, and AI-accelerated solutions, we are ushering in the next era of transformation, automation, and partner expectation. Visit www.thirdera.com for more information.

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Tony Fugere

Tony Fugere, the leader of Thirdera's Thrive program, is dedicated to a service offering that maximizes ServiceNow value for our clients through effective co-management of the platform (aka managed services). His expertise in ServiceNow platform management and team development has provided him with a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence in this area. Tony has consistently ensured the operational success of client programs with a wealth of experience in delivery oversight and leadership roles.
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