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Roadway Developer Paves the Way to CMDB Success with ServiceNow

Identifying risks with its CMDB, this Australian-based roadway developer transitioned to ServiceNow ITOM Visibility to support IT asset, service, and vulnerability management while ensuring CMDB data integrity.


Project Snapshot

> 10%

percentage of new CIs discovered with ITOM Visibility


days saved managing vulnerabilities

Client size: 9,000+ Client industry: Transportation Client location: Australia


Key Challenges

With continued growth, the company’s increasingly sprawling IT infrastructure became difficult to track and manage, leading to confusion and unnecessary spending.

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Custom-built discovery solution caused inaccuracies in critical IT asset information in the CMDB.

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No visibility into deployed or installed software updates.

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Inaccurate CMDB data risked non-compliance exposure, financial losses, and potential damage to public reputation.


Our Solution

Thirdera, a Cognizant company implemented ITOM Visibility to replace the legacy discovery tool. Critical capabilities included:

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Automated discovery of resources across the entire IT infrastructure enables an accurate, up-to-date ServiceNow CMDB. Both agent-based and agentless discovery options allow the IT team to install agents even in classified environments involving security risks.

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Service Graph Connectors

A comprehensive 13-month implementation plan used Service Graph Connectors to populate the CMDB to build trust in the data and minimize operational risks. The change also accelerated time to value by freeing up valuable team resources.


The Result

Improved CMDB data accuracy
Prevents inaccuracies and removes cumbersome processes for the technical team. 

Enhanced efficiency

Aligning to ServiceNow’s Common Service Data Model (CSDM) scales efficiency and accelerates service delivery times.

Expanded scheduling power
With the discovery of new devices handled by existing schedules, the technical team has more time to focus on strategic, value-added tasks.

Centralized visibility
CMDB View Dashboard also centralizes IT health reports, making it easier for the Configuration Manager to troubleshoot and respond quickly.

About Thirdera, a Cognizant company

Thirdera, a Cognizant company is an Elite-level ServiceNow partner, enabling customers to maximize the value of the ServiceNow platform through workflow-enabled services and solutions. Founded in 2021 and acquired by Cognizant in 2024, Thirdera, a Cognizant company is one of the largest and most credentialed ServiceNow partners globally. We offer world-class guidance to help businesses accelerate growth and productivity. With expertise and capabilities spanning experience design, process optimization, and AI-accelerated solutions, we are ushering in the next era of transformation, automation, and partner expectation. Visit www.thirdera.com for more information.

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Mei Yeng

Mei is the APAC Marketing & Alliance Director at Thirdera. Her focus is on growing Thirdera and the client journey across APAC and partnering with like-minded organisations to create thought leadership content and activations that will empower organisations and individuals.
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