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That Was the Best ServiceNow Knowledge Ever... And We Have Proof

From thought-provoking keynotes to hands-on workshops, ServiceNow's Knowledge24 conference was a 3-day bender of digital transformation enablement. This year's event in Las Vegas showcased the latest innovations propelling businesses forward. 

And, while this was ServiceNow's biggest Knowledge conference so far - 20,000+ attendees estimated - many of us didn't go. The reasons why vary. But many ServiceNow customers, prospects, partners, fans, and followers missed the magic of the expo floor. That's a large contingent. 

So, as done for the last 10+ Knowledge conferences, I kept open correspondence with our onsite team. Not only to experience the thrill of K24 vicariously but also to collect as many firsthand accounts to share with those who stayed home.  No matter the practice or role of those polled, what I heard time and again was that this was the best Knowledge so far. And here's why:

All eyes were on AI

Surprise! AI was the primary conference theme, with ServiceNow dedicating three Keynotes to the omnipresent topic. ServiceNow leadership did a fantastic job diversifying their POVs, sharing strategic and executable insights to enable successful AI utilization with the platform:

  1. Put AI to work for people (Bill McDermott, Chairman & CEO, ServiceNow)
  2. Unleashing the power of generative AI with the ServiceNow platform (CJ Desai, President and COO, ServiceNow)
  3. AI Keynote and Roadmap: Put AI to work with the Now Platform (Jon Sigler, Senior Vice President, Platform and AI, ServiceNow)


UX sessions won the popularity contest

The hardest part of Knowledge 2024? Getting a seat at a UX- or portal-themed session. It was as if Einstein was giving a lecture on Physics. It was quite the sight, as hordes of attendees gravitated en masse to learn about the latest experience-based practices. Yet, with some introspection, this comes as no surprise. According to our ServiceNow Community Survey from earlier this year, the ServiceNow Portal module is being used by 60% of customers. An impressive number that nearly matches the percentage of sessions we led on the topic.

If UX is an area you'd like to explore more, you may be interested in checking out our Design Portfolio. Within it, you'll see how other customers are leveling up the total experience across various business functions. 


Customer stories took center stage

In between the Day 1 keynote and Pitbull's performance, Thursday night was an incredible spread of customer-driven sessions. From module demos to strategic principles, ServiceNow did an excellent job of spotlighting a range of topics told by the best storytellers - their customers. Every industry, maturity level, and business unit were represented. Those who attended, regardless of job function, left Knowledge 2024 having gained a new idea and perspective thanks to the peer-heavy agenda. Below are a few of the more compelling customer stories that are already available on-demand: 

Polishing hidden potential: A mining company strikes ServiceNow gold

Discover how Teck has enabled gains in efficiency and operational visibility by instituting an innovation-focused Center of Excellence and prioritizing a >80% company-wide CMDB health score. 

Arrow's journey to an enterprise portal utilizing ServiceNow Employee Center Pro

Watch this session to hear valuable lessons learned including UI/UX design, taxonomy definition, insights into adoption metrics, and a roadmap for future platform enhancements.


Among an AI revolution, human connections prevail

There is plenty of evidence indicating that embracing AI is essential to enabling business growth and transformation. Yet, as we immerse ourselves deeper into AI exploration, it's imperative to continue to exercise the fundamentally essential practice of human connection. And Knowledge 2024 served as a great reminder of this.

Although we didn't get to meet everyone in attendance, our booth engagements, popular Hat's Off experience, Bash at Bouchon with over 750+ participants, and 20+ sessions provided opportunities to converse and collaborate openly. If anything, this reassured us that as technological advances make headway, people-centered principles will continue to reign supreme. 


A new era is coming

As we settle into the post-knowledge half of the year, I encourage you to continue self-exploration and education. Whether that be through local SNUGs, relevant webinars, or 1:1 peer dialogue. For us, the adventures of 2024 are hardly over. Along with ServiceNow and Cognizant leadership, we are continuously exploring new ways to bring exponential value to our customers. One recent output is our ServiceNow Business Group (SNBG) - a specialized entity within Cognizant designed to bring you the most premium platform services, solutions, and resources available. 

The best is yet to come! Stay connected with us on social for formal SNBG announcements and information to maximize the value of the ServiceNow platform.

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Michael Henderson

Michael has been a content marketing professional in the ServiceNow space for over 10 years. His focus is developing engaging content that empowers clients to make informed decisions throughout their service management journey.
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