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The Top ServiceNow Store Finds of 2022

The era of efficiency and automation is upon us and if you’re ready to transform your business workflows there’s no better time than now. The ServiceNow platform can help you drive digital transformation, optimize operational productivity, and boost the employee experience. By leveraging apps and solutions from ServiceNow partners — all easily accessible in the ServiceNow Store — you can realize even more value from your ServiceNow investment.

The ServiceNow Store allows you to make the most of the growing enterprise marketplace by offering a range of cloud-native enterprise workflow applications developed by solution providers, system integrators, and third-party independent software vendors (ISVs) while also providing the architectural assurance that the app has met ServiceNow’s technical standards. There’s a huge range of paid and free apps available from both partners and ServiceNow themselves. Covering anything you need from analytics to workflows and everything in between, the only challenge is deciding on which offerings to implement and in what order.

As an elite ServiceNow partner dedicated solely to helping our clients unlock the full potential of their ServiceNow platform investment, we’ve had our fair share of experience. In this first installment of our new “ServiceNow Store Must-Haves” blog series, we take a closer look at nine popular apps, tools, and solutions that deserve a place in your ServiceNow instance. 


8 ServiceNow Store Finds You Can’t Miss


1. Instance Analyzer 

A stable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain instance is the best way to keep people using ServiceNow. But keeping your instance running smoothly requires regularly auditing around the quality of your code. Instance Analyzer can run both regular and ad-hoc scans across some or all of your ServiceNow code. The Manager’s Review Workspace makes it easy to identify poor quality code before managing any necessary remediation actions. This free app is designed to act as a complete audit tool for the effective evaluation of your code quality. If you’re aiming to meet technical best practices, this app can help you achieve exactly that.  

Check out Instance Analyzer in the ServiceNow Store


2. VividCharts

Knowledge is power and data is the key to gaining that knowledge. But what’s the point of using data that becomes out of date the second it’s exported? VividCharts allows you to harness the data collection and analytics power of ServiceNow while eliminating the need for manual calculations (which let’s face it, are often inaccurate due to human error). Now managers and executives can access the essential data that stakeholders expect in real-time. This app can create data visualizations and presentations without exporting any data, for ultimate accuracy.      

View VividCharts app in the ServiceNow Store


3. 3CLogic Call Center Solution

Automation is great but many customers still rely on — and expect — access to live agents, be it via voice or even SMS. Enhance the efficiency and performance of your customer support team with the easy-to-use 3CLogic app. Transform ServiceNow into a centralized workspace complete with automated tasks, voice-self-service, intelligent IVRs, accessible data, real-time dashboards, and speech analytics to help you monitor and manage your global workforce as they meet the needs of your service customers with this fully omnichannel experience.  

View 3CLogic Call Center Solution in the ServiceNow Store


4. PeopleReign Virtual Agent 

Looking for ways to combat the great resignation?  There are huge time and money savings to be had by enabling self-service.  It’s also easy to overlook the experience improvements you can make by empowering your help desk agents with a system of intelligence to make them more efficient (and more successful).  Most virtual agents and chatbots just aren’t sophisticated enough to do the job properly. That’s where the PeopleReign Virtual Agent is different. This app allows you to access the kind of high-level artificial intelligence (AI) expertise that usually requires significant investment. This virtual agent can understand customer requests in over 27 languages. It also uses domain ontologies specifically for HR and IT, which helps you provide a frictionless experience and keep logged tickets in your helpdesk to a minimum.  

Get PeopleReign’s Virtual Agent Demo


5. Email Builder 

Solve your email notification nightmares and transform dull, system-generated emails into tailored messages that not only look slick but inspire action from your users. Email Builder allows you to avoid bottlenecks by providing a clear call to action — making it as easy as possible for users to see what they need to do. The intuitive design allows you to drag and drop different components as you craft consistent notifications. When it comes to rebranding or company acquisition, save time by reusing your code and applying universal changes to logos, colors, and brand names. 

View Email Builder in the ServiceNow Store


6. Westbury PA Accelerator 

If you’re serious about Performance Analytics (PA), it’s vital that you can quickly and accurately assess the effectiveness of your PA implementation so you can put yourself on a path of continual improvement to maximize your investment.  This app protects the integrity of data collected by ServiceNow and alerts you to any anomalies. When you have multiple teams using PA data, your database may become polluted, however, with Westbury PA Accelerator you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive alerts for any abnormalities. It’s also possible to automate specific maintenance tasks to maintain high-quality and reliable data. The other major benefit that PA Accelerator provides is the ability to monitor how your PA content is being consumed so that you can understand where there are opportunities for improving your analytics & reporting.  

View Westbury PA Accelerator in the ServiceNow Store


7. Thirdera Telecom & Technology (3T) Service & Order Management 

Designed to streamline order management and services for telecom industries and tech providers, this solution simplifies and automates the intake, validation, and enrichment of complex, cloud-based orders. Combining the expertise of Thirdera with the ServiceNow platform, this offering helps organizations successfully realize new operational and business models. By integrating order and configuration systems, this solution also helps deliver a Service-Aware configuration management database (CMDB). Its engaging customer portal can also deliver a boost to customer satisfaction and retention.

Check out 3T solution in the ServiceNow Store 


8. HappySignals for Ticket-Based IT Experience 

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve business outcomes while simultaneously increasing employee happiness and productivity, then the HappySignals IT Experience Management Platform is just what you need. This platform contains a huge range of features designed to measure and improve end-user experiences of ticket-based services like IT incidents and requests. It combines operational data from ServiceNow with experience data collected by HappySignals in real-time reports with global benchmarks for comparison, helping you to make data-driven improvements to your services and continuously track their impact.

View Ticket Based IT-Experience in the ServiceNow Store


Transform Your Business Workflows 

Taking advantage of the huge range of apps available in the ServiceNow Store can help you change the way your business works — for the better. And as you look to extend and complement your ServiceNow platform by adding the apps and solutions best suited to your business, Thidera can help. As the largest pure-play ServiceNow implementation partner in the world, Thirdera has the technical expertise and business experience needed to help you get the most out of the ServiceNow investment.

These are just a few of our experts’ top picks from the ServiceNow Store, but it’s certainly not an exhaustive list. With hundreds of apps, integrations, and solutions to choose from in the ServiceNow Store, it’d be impossible to highlight all of our favorites in just one post! Stay tuned for the next installment of our “ServiceNow Store Must-Haves” series as we cover even more of our top finds from the ServiceNow that can take your NOW instance to the next level!


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