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ServiceNow-Approved Partner Offerings

Superpowered offerings to optimize business performance

Certified Offerings Overview

Built with ServiceNow. Certified by ServiceNow.

Thirdera is excited to share access to our collection of ServiceNow certified offerings. Each of these carefully designed offerings has been vetted and tested by ServiceNow to ensure optimal business performance and maximum value. Apart from traditional platform offerings, our certified offerings package the power of ServiceNow to address common industry and business challenges; ultimately, helping your organization elevate its service experience. 

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Reduce time to contain phishing events

Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response

Attentive: Advanced Phishing Response leverages ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response (SIR) User Reported Phishing application, workflow automation, and 3rd party integrations to create an automated end-to-end phishing process. Based on best practices, this offering consolidates submitted phishing incidents, automates manual steps, and surfaces enriched threat data to provide a single workspace to track, manage, and contain phishing events.

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Case Study

Attentive Customer Success

Consolidate Phishing Incidents and Accelerate Resolution Times

This insurance company’s processes for analyzing, parsing, and enriching phishing emails used a range of siloed, manual tools. This was not only clunky and time-consuming—it was also a potential security risk for internal and client data. Under Thirdera’s technical and consultative guidance, the company was able to deploy a strong cybersecurity strategy to effectively manage new levels of cyber risk using a blend of discovery, identification, and remediation.


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Elevate the constituent experience


CitizenKey is a ServiceNow-certified solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by public sector organizations. Focused on delivering a modern consumer-centric experience, CitizenKey accelerates the deployment of a secure, persona-based, and digital-first solution for federal and state agencies. 

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Case Study

CitizenKey Customer Success

Government Agency INDOT Modernizes Its Constituent Service Model with CitizenKey

By utilizing Thirdera’s CitizenKey offering— modeled after ServiceNow’s Public Sector Digital Services product—INDOT has unlocked a modernized service delivery experience for Indiana citizens. Typical requests and concerns (such as reporting potholes, requesting road repairs, or gathering construction information) are now easily mitigated with a self-service model designed for future growth and sustainability.

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Streamline Order Management


Thirdera and ServiceNow are reshaping how industries perform Order Management with Clarity. Combining intuitive aesthetics with powerful automation, Clarity provides your organization with a complete Order Management solution that can generate tangible business value from day one.

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Case Study

Clarity Customer Success

Improve Customer Satisfaction with More Transparent Order Fulfillment

Recognizing that automating order management was critical to growth potential, Lera Investment Technologies (LIT) engaged Thirdera and ServiceNow in an effort to overhaul their procedures. These improvements have allowed LIT to streamline order management and optimize customer service, creating a comprehensive foundation upon which to build future growth.


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Increase application change visibility

DevOps Connect

DevOps Connect leverages ServiceNow’s DevOps Change, DevOps Config, AIOps, and Application Portfolio Management tools to create a DevOps loop that automates changes, configuration management updates, application event monitoring, and application total cost of ownership calculations. It brings together many disjointed or swivel chair processes and technologies to increase visibility into application changes.

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Modernize the education experience


With EDify, universities can deliver the connected, intelligent experience that today’s students expect while positioning the institution for the future. Leveraging automated workflows and AI, EDify provides personalized experiences and support for students, faculty, parents, and alumni across multiple channels.

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Case Study

EDify Customer Success

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Transform the user experience

Elevate UX

Elevate UX empowers organizations to not only enhance internal communication but also transform the user experience into a strategic advantage. Pairing ServiceNow Employee Center Pro with Thirdera's UX expertise, this certified offering delivers a customized, people first portal aligned with your company ethos to foster strong internal adoption and a unified, empowered workforce.

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Reduce technical debt and risk


Integrity optimizes the management of your software and hardware portfolio through the rapid identification of technology risks and the reduction of technical debt. By leveraging ServiceNow Discovery, HAM Pro, SAM Pro, and Technology Portfolio Management, this offering drastically reduces the time to value compared to traditional implementation approaches. 

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Gain rapid insight into Asset Management maturity

Landmark: Asset Management

Landmark: Asset Management swiftly gauges your Asset Management maturity to enable streamlined roadmap development and support the expansion of the ServiceNow platform.

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Landmark: Asset Management Customer Success

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Streamline Legal Service Delivery


Velocity helps legal operations teams provide structure to employees’ legal requests and quickly modernize the delivery of legal services.  By providing self-service to employees through your existing ServiceNow Employee Center, employees can find answers to basic requests, allowing the legal team to focus on more complex matters. 

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Velocity Customer Success

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