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Simplifying Higher Education Credit Management with ServiceNow CSM

This top-ranked public university in Australia wanted to create a better experience for students enrolling in its academic programs. Getting previous education credits approved was slow and manual, which discouraged some prospective students from applying and ultimately enrolling.

With implementation support from Thirdera, the university used the ServiceNow platform to create a user-friendly Credit Management system. The automated process made inputting data simple, increased visibility for students and faculty, and significantly accelerated processing times. Faculty can now quickly approve previous credits while students are still applying—creating a better student experience and increasing their chances of enrolling in the university.


Company Profile

Size: 2,500 employees     |     Industry: Higher Education    |     Location: Australia


Key Challenges


The client lacked a centralized and streamlined process to manage prior learning credits. Students had to apply for credits using a PDF form, and staff had to manually update the student management system with the outcome of the application.

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The previous process lacked effective communication with students. Students could not check the status of their applications online and were often confused—requiring time-consuming back-and-forth for everyone involved.


Students could not easily check for precedents to verify whether their prior learning would be eligible for credit. Without this information readily accessible, some prospective students were discouraged from applying and enrolling.

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Faculty and staff lacked a central database to store and manage precedents that could speed the process of accepting applications. These issues caused delays, confusion, and miscommunication that frustrated both students and staff.

This client is one of the Top 10 Catholic universities and in the top 3 percent of universities globally. With a staff of 2,500 managing 35,000 students across eight campuses — including one in Italy — the university needed streamlined and centralized processes for approving and overseeing student paperwork. 

In particular, the school lacked a standard process for managing previous credits. Students who either attended other universities, served in the military, or had significant life experience are eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) and exempt from certain classes. However, it was difficult for students to apply for these credits and challenging for staff to approve.


Our Solution

Leadership realized that they needed a single location to make the credit management process faster, easier, and more streamlined for everyone involved. They recognized that ServiceNow had the right solution for them but needed an implementation partner that could facilitate the process for them. 

After weighing its options, the university turned to Thirdera because of its experience and prior industry knowledge, implementing a similar application for another widely recognized university in Australia. Their leadership was impressed with Thirdera’s detailed Proof of Concept and expertise as the largest pure-play ServiceNow partner in the world.

This solution included:

  • Customer Service Management (CSM):  This ServiceNow solution added the capability to create a central Credit Management system that held all of the information students and staff needed in one convenient location.
  • Service Portal: Working with Thirdera, the university developed a modernized portal that students, staff, and faculty could use to handle applications easily and intuitively. This also allowed students to check for any precedents before filling out paperwork and track the results of their applications.

The implementation process started with a pilot in July 2021, with the school inviting students from certain courses to use the new system to pinpoint potential issues. The pilot phase yielded great results for both staff and students. They recorded an improved user experience and noted specific changes to help make the launch a success. With the help of Thirdera, the university fully rolled out the Credit Management platform in September of 2021.


The Result

Efficiency. All documentation and applications are now in one unified platform. Streamlining the RPL process has enabled students and faculty alike to save time and get the answers they need quickly.

User experience
With the new Credit Management system, students can apply early, check to see if credit applications like theirs have been approved in the past, and track the progress of their application.

The application process with the new system significantly cuts down on time for application approval. Staff can now approve credits in 10 days—a significant outcome with a considerable improvement in customer CSAT and staff productivity rate.

Now that students can find out what prior learning credits can be accepted, there is an increased probability of students enrolling—driving revenue and enrollment growth.

By unifying the credit management process, the university provided a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly platform to improve the student experience. The ServiceNow implementation supported by Thirdera has boosted self-service, visibility, and communication for students, staff, and faculty.

Staff can now easily input all necessary data, check the application against other previously approved credits, and make approval decisions quickly. Students no longer need to speak with a university representative to check on their applications, saving a great deal of administrative time and effort.

The seamless credit application process has significantly reduced the time to approve previous education. With a faster and easier application process, the school is now positioned to attract even more prospective students—ultimately driving revenue and enrollment growth.


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