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Thirdera Launches ServiceNow-Certified Telecom Offering

The Elite-level ServiceNow partner has created a powerful front-end to the ServiceNow order management system, streamlining the intake and validation of orders and accelerating the delivery of products to telecom customers and partners.

Leesburg, Virginia (February 15, 2022) Thirdera, an Elite-level ServiceNow partner, announces the launch of a new certified industry accelerator for telecommunications companies extending the ServiceNow Order Management for Telecommunications offering. The foundation of the offering, which telecoms can get today in the ServiceNow Store, is a customer portal and assurance dashboard that automates the intake and validation of telecom equipment orders from customers, partners, and resellers using the Now Platform.

The telecommunication services industry, which includes fixed-network services and mobile and wireless services, is a trillion-dollar market projected to grow in the next few years. And yet, many telecoms are still using outdated, disparate systems to manage business-critical processes such as order management.

The Thirdera Telecom & Technology (3T) Service & Order Management offering is built entirely on ServiceNow and aims to address legacy system challenges by bringing together a unified data model, helping to ensure consistency between a telecom’s order management system and its product catalog. By layering in a powerful customer portal and actionable dashboard on top of ServiceNow® Order Management for Telecommunications, the cloud-based Thirdera customer portal simplifies the intake, validation, and enrichment of customer orders, while the assurance dashboard allows order-takers to monitor purchases and identify potential issues. 3T was co-architected with ServiceNow, demonstrating the high level of cohesiveness between the partners and their shared commitment to creating a world-class order management offering for the largest companies.

ngena, the only global end-to-end orchestrated SD-WAN as a service company, was among the first telecom companies to use the new 3T offering. “We wanted to improve the process by which we manage and process complex orders,” said Bart de Graaff, CEO at ngena. “Thirdera created and implemented an order management offering and a beautiful customer portal that helps us expedite order enrichment, increase customer retention and satisfaction, and elevate partner and vendor engagement.”

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As one of the ServiceNow Partners to achieve all four of ServiceNow Workflow Achievements (Employee Workflows, Customer Workflows, IT Workflows, and App Engine), we are uniquely positioned to elevate industries such as telecom,” said Jason Wojahn, CEO of Thirdera, “Order management shouldn’t be a major cause for concern for telecoms in 2022—we’ve helped them unlock the power of the cloud and deliver exceptional service and experiences to their clients.”

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“As service providers’ offerings become more connected, so must their business operations,” said Rohit Batra, head of telecommunications, media, and technology product at ServiceNow. "With end-to-end visibility and service assurance on a single platform, Thirdera’s telecom offering built on the ServiceNow Order Management application is helping businesses transform the ordering process and launch new services quickly to meet customer expectations.”

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About Thirdera

Thirdera is an Elite-level ServiceNow partner. The firm enables mid-market and enterprise customers to leverage the full power of ServiceNow through complete, workflow-enabled services. Their approach speeds customer outcomes, reduces work, reduces complexity, and brings legacy IT investments a new life as an integral part of end-to-end workflow services. With employees in North America, Latin America, Australia, and India, Thirdera serves both public and private sectors, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and energy. To be notified of more updates, visit www.thirdera.com.


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Christina Nahal

Christina is the SVP of Marketing at Thirdera and is dedicated to marketing strategy and brand experience. With a strong background in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Christina is instrumental in ushering in a new era of ServiceNow partner.
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