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Empower your team

Work with industry-leading certified ServiceNow trainers to build effective practices and increase user confidence within your organization.

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Get more for your ServiceNow investment

People will always be the heart of your organization. That’s why ServiceNow customers that take advantage of our training see a significant increase in value from their investment. In these sessions, your employees learn ServiceNow fundamentals as well as how to use ServiceNow to directly impact your business objectives. This results in increased product adoption, improved processes, and a better overall experience for your users.


Training success stories

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Aligning your team to meet strategic initiatives

When a major metropolitan transportation firm moved to centralize their IT business management through ServiceNow, we guided the implementation and prepared their people for long-term success.

We developed custom training courses as an introduction to the platform’s newest capabilities, while also providing relevant information matched to business processes and procedures. The firm’s teams became confident in using ServiceNow and learned how they fit into the business’ project management strategy.

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Realize ROI with performance analytics and data-driven processes

To help this university gain deeper insights into their project management flow, Thirdera developed a data-driven strategy centered on ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics.

Our trainers supplemented ServiceNow certified materials with custom course materials, training labs, and personalized instruction, enabling the university to realize ROI for their solution and better leverage data for informed decisions.


We instill ServiceNow expertise backed by knowledge of real-world applications

Thirdera applies a repeatable cycle of planning, material development, delivery, and ongoing improvement for a comprehensive educational experience. We provide a multi-layered approach to education and training that’s tuned into the way you do business.

We base our program delivery on a combination of industry best practices and real-world ServiceNow knowledge to ensure you have the most relevant information available to your team.

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Learn ServiceNow foundation

  • Understanding the essentials: Basic definitional knowledge of terms, names, fields, and parts of the application

  • Platform comprehension: Awareness of how the parts and pieces of the application fit and work together

  • Practical application: Capacity to use the application to accomplish outcomes and tasks

  • Continual improvement: Ability to mature your usage and abilities as well as the application itself
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Understand ServiceNow in action

  • Functional capability: Gain the skills and knowledge to use the application as designed

  • User confidence: Ability to complete tasks without undue delay or reference

  • Team coordination: Able to work with other roles, processes, and applications

  • Process consistency: Ability to complete activities and task in a standard repeatable manner

Meet your ServiceNow trainer

Michael Cardinal
Education Practice Manager

Michael is an ITIL expert and ServiceNow Implementation Specialist. Along with ServiceNow expertise, Michael has over 30 years of education and training experience across multiple industries including higher education.

“As a long-time educator and trainer, I love seeing the concepts and knowledge ‘click’ in the learners as they explore all that ServiceNow can do for them.”
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Thirdera Training Services

  • ServiceNow certified public courses
  • ServiceNow certified client based courses
  • Customized training
  • Curriculum development
  • Lesson planning
  • Educational consulting

Give your team the tools to succeed

Let us help deliver the value you need

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